Cure for COVID

Through the social media many suggestions have come to deal with the new Corona virus. According to my wife the best advice circulated is the one which says "stay at home for 15 days without social contact" . Another harsh message for preventive care is to live alone at home keeping  physical distance even from family members till the epidemic is over. This is a tough option, but it seems the most effective preventive cure.
Scientists , doctors, researchers and many others are trying their level best to find a remedy for the novel Corona virus. Some are trying with the available anti-virus drugs particularly the medicine used against HIV. And another group is trying with the anti-malarial drugs. We are trying a combination of both ; our Rajasthan experiment is satisfactory though not cent present successful.
To produce a viable vaccine against COVID-19 may take some more time. Israelis, Americans, Chinese , French, Britishers, Indians and many others are working overtime day and night  to invent the anti-dote against this virus. But the tragedy is that the stingingly rich billionaires are not spending on this noble cause. Only the Govt agencies are working on it. A few private labs are investing .Intelligent millionaires smell a rat so they are reluctant to invest in the project - suspicious of Dragon conspiracy.
Cow urine is promoted for preventive measures; promoters perhaps never claim that it is the cure or panacea to diseases including Covid. As a preventive syrup it may be used by those who believe  in this system of medicine. Urine contains many ingredients including acids which are still usable in the body. One of our former Prime Minister used to consume his own urine because of its medicinal value. He lived quite long and died at the age of 99. Someone whispered me from behind that Khushwant Singh also died at 99 as connoisseur of alcohol not urine.
One renowned Doctor told me that the body cells function very strangely , most of the time they function according to our wishes and thinking ;if you have positive thoughts that certainly help your body system. Even for cow urine and human urine- if you have faith and conviction then it will certainly help. There is something called placebo effect ; it has unlimited boundaries beyond the compression of medical sciences.
Drinkers all over the world want to believe that consuming alcohol regularly prevents the attack of the virus. One very encouraging message I received from my cousin saying that taking Vodka helps to fight Corona. The message was accompanied by a Certificate issued by a University in the USA - certifying the same advice that drinking Vodka may help. Whether it is a fact or fake I wanted to believe. I immediately saw the certificate to my wife .She knew what I was doing and said there is no mention of Beer. Now it is the right time for me to go hard.
I started consulting many doctors, most of them are regular sippers on weekends ; they say - drinking with hot water may help but they are asked or instructed not to share this info in public. Because it may lead to scarcity of water. And at the same time it sounds discriminatory against the dry states like ours. That might be the reason why the head of AIIMS said alcohol helps only outside the body not inside .
So far the number of drunkards died in this epidemic is none -  no one is maintaining such data. The authorities are not willing to disclose the background of the patients.
Another message from the same fraternity says " drinkers of the world unite you have nothing to lose but your liver; you can easily survive this pandemic; liver can be replaced but life ".Such messages may sound objectionable but there are innumerable buyers of such slogans.
One girl in Kerala who was positive, survived. From her interview I came to know that eating biryani might help .She said frankly that during her quarantine days she used to eat chicken biryani daily. So eating chicken biryani might help. However this is only suggestive and not conclusive.
The most sensible thing to do at this critical juncture is to declare paid holidays for all by the government as well as by the private employers with the exception of emergency services which includes Hospitals. Closing markets and public places may help but there is nothing like a complete closure. Our people are quite use to public curfews, bandhs, total shutdowns, prolonged blockades etc. So a total lockdown for a fortnight will not be a major problem rather it  shall prove to a wonderful preventive care. Let the entire nation learn from us. Do it Sire.