A Panic-Stricken Crowd

K Radhakumar
Wrong choice wrong decision
My past has many wrongs
But it’s simply lovely.
It’s full of life
And I always smile contentedly
At the remembrance of my past life:
The man feels compassion for the boy.

My future
It looked very rosy.
Not any more.
I weigh my past against my future
And I don’t think my present figures
In my scheme of things;
I weigh my past against my future –
I feel these shouldn’t be mentioned together;
These two are not connected
And are as different as difference can be.
But I seem more content, less bitter
With a capital C.

My life!
It’s absolutely wonderful.
At 60 plus, I feel a little meditative.
Round here,
You leave college at twenty
Try to get a job
And next thing you know,
You’re married with four children.
What next?
The surrounding hills send back an echo
What next?

I had a high fever;
I tried not to show fear
In the wake of COVID-19 attack,
A pandemic disease
For which there’s no cure till date.
I had a feverish dream and in it
Death came and asked me,
‘Who’s next?’
‘Not me,’ I cried.
What a persuasive force
The strange germ has
After killing people all over the world;
We now present a united front
In our fight against a germ,
The enemy of all mankind.
PS No public assembly, please;
Stay indoors.