NEIST formula to produce hand sanitiser Lack of material impedes production

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Mar 22: Principal Scientist cum Principal of CSIR-North East Institute of Science & Technology (NEIST), Huidrom Birkumar Singh has conveyed that even though CSIR has the ability and the know-how to produce herbal hand sanitizers, lack of raw ingredients has posed a great challenge.
Speaking to media persons at CSIR-NEIST complex at Lamphelpat today, Birkumar explained that the hand sanitizers made by the institute contains ethyl alcohol, aloevera, turmeric, hydrosol and citronella essential oil.
Alcohol is the main ingredient in producing hand sanitizers but currently, CSIR-NEIST Lamphelpat does not have ample stock of the required alcohol to produce the liquid. The institute is also facing shortage of aloevera, he added.
He continued that most of the hand sanitizers sold in the market are chemical based and such liquids often result in dry hands after use.
On the other hand, the hand sanitizers produced by CSIR-NEIST Lamphelpat contains citronella essential oil which has antimicrobial properties. The other ingredient, turmeric, is also used as an antiseptic.
Birkumar then said that of all the ingredients, the one with the most germicidal properties is alcohol.
However, alcohol cannot be used alone on the skin as it can lead to skin burn which is why aloevera is added to soothe the skin, he explained.
CSIR-NEIST Lamphelpat is producing 50 ml bottles of the hand sanitizer and some bottles will be taken by MP Dr RK Ranjan to Delhi during his trip tomorrow so also introduce it to others. Many Government Departments have ordered around 50-100 bottles of the hand sanitizer. Even NABARD and IMC staff are asking for the liquid. The demand is huge but the stock is limited as only around 150  more bottles of the hand sanitizers can be produced.
He clarified that many interested parties have approached the institution for the formula behind the hand sanitizers but the institution has declined such offers as it wants to discuss the issue with the head quarters and produce the liquid as a form of social service.
Huidrom Birkumar conveyed that CSIR-NEIST Lamphelpat is producing its hand sanitizers mainly for those working in the medical sector and those who are at high risks.
However, if adequate stock of the much needed ingredients is available, then the institute will be able to mass produce the formula, he concluded.