COVID-19: HERICOUN advises people against rumours

IMPHAL, Mar 22
Deeply concerned with the many rumours and unfounded information floating around in the face of the novel coronavirus pandemic, HERICOUN (Ethno Heritage Council) has appealed people to follow only the instructions and informations given by legitimate sources like WHO, Government Health Department.
Advising people not to panic and worsen the epidemic, HERICOUN in a statement said that all should refrain from spreading rumours that may undermine the steps being taken up by the Government to contain and avoid spread of the virus.
Pointing out that maintaining good hygiene and sticking to advices of the health authorities are important in fighting the disease, it said people should give full co-operation to the Government and its machinery fighting the virus.
Acknowledging the steps being taken up by the Government and observing the possible impact the disease outbreak would have on the economy, HERICOUN maintained that the State should be well prepared and have policies in place to make essential goods and services available to people at ease in case of longer lockdown.
Apart from utilising all available State health centres, the Government should also aid private health institutes and equip them with required facilities to face the virus, it said.
HERICOUN also advised people to stay indoors and maintain social distancing to break the chain of disease transmission.
It may be mentioned that coronavirus-hit States across the country are locking down cities and shutting inter-State transports to contain the virus. The State Government has also shut down educational institutes, hostels, markets and tourists spots in the face of the virus that has killed thousands worldwide.
India so fare has around 360 COVID-19 cases.