Trying to connect dots that never does easily

No matter how dark the washroom may be, when nature calls for emergency, the darkness is just a situation and no longer a problem that scares you. No matter how bright the sun may be, you always have the choice to close your eyes to push the sun’s strength into the gutter, life was created without your choice to push you into the world of choices.
This life, it’s not a gift but a responsibility, a chance, an opportunity to leave a stone for your existence, a story to be remembered and a spark that will inspire millions. How good or bad you are in anything, you will be made fun of. Stop thinking about what people might say.
Dreams are friendly enemies, if you don’t listen to him, he will hunt you down with depression till the end of your life. Do you know why you are not happy? Because you have a dream but never wanna admit that it is something possible, that’s why it keeps hurting you.
Fear is just an illusion, willpower too is an illusion, all you have to do is believe the willpower – feel that you can do it, feel that it’s your chance. Poor people sell their sweats, common people sell their time, rich people sell their skills and richest people buys everything with their ideas. Never forget that – there is only one thing which you can’t do and that is “what you don’t want to do?” and the rest of those which you want, nothing can stop you from doing it – winning is the only price for people who follow their dreams.
It’s not just the big steps that marks your growth but the small steps and daily accomplishments that defines your attitude in long run. Those tiny motivations you receive every-day from small achievements will reward you with a winner’s mindset, which will keep you rejuvenated always to go for the next.
I know that curiosity have taken humans to the next level but happiness is another thing. Well – to some, watering their curiosity might bring them happiness but that’s temporary for we are too small to explore this endless world. So, explore the contentment not the curiosity. You are enough – and I am enough to be happy as well. And if you are after anything in the name of happiness you are just waiting for the U-turn sign.
Rising is always the best part for it’s filled with growth but falling is where your real exam happens. Growth and movement are two different things for you need to rise in a roller-coaster to see ‘growth’ and you need to fall again with heavy speed ‘to move’ for completing the circle. There will be so many real movements in your life, if you hang on tight, you will not get hurt but if you can step on it and jump with the momentum, that’s when you will inspire millions. No one likes to listen to growth stories but those stories where movement happens, those times where you are hurt like anything, those time you want to give up, those time you want to run away. So, collect all the falling moments for that’s the best treasure to touch people’s lives.
Who surrounds you is not important but who do you chose to surround yourself with is the most important thing. Comparison should not be a tool to mark your growth but compassion towards your heartbeat for wanting to shine with your gift leaving fear behind. Money won't take you to places but a simple honest answer from your heart about what you love to do in life will change your present and future.
Even with all this positivity, you will still have haters. So, next time when you see your hater on the road, just stop-by and say, “Wow! Sakka yamna fajarammey ko,” it kills them. For there is a million-dollar saying, “if you want to be rude with your hater then give them your ultimate love for it burns them.”
(The writer is a Motivational Orator, based in Canada. And can be reached at [email protected]; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – live with bir, watch his WILL motivational videos by going to his YouTube channel @Live With Bir.)