Cabinet Secy reviews COVID-19 status

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Mar 22: A high level meeting was held today morning with Chief Secretaries of all the States, by the Cabinet Secretary and the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister.
All the Chief Secretaries relayed that there has been overwhelming and spontaneous response to the call for Janata Curfew by the Prime Minister.
In view of the need to contain the spread of COVID 19, it was agreed that there is urgent need to extend the restrictions on the movement of nonessential passenger transport, including inter-State transport buses, till March 31.
Following detailed discussions, the State Governments were advised to issue appropriate orders to allow only essential services to operate in the 75 districts which have reported confirmed cases or casualties relating to COVID 19.
The State Governments were also recommended to expand the list depending on their assessment of the situation.
During the meeting some important decisions were taken including suspension of all train services till March 31, including suburban rail services.
However, goods trains will be exempted, it was resolved.
It was also agreed that all metro rail services will be suspended till March 31 and that the State Governments will issue the necessary orders allowing only essential services to operate in about 75 districts with confirmed COVID 19 cases.
Furthermore, it was decided that inter-State passenger transport will also be suspended till March 31.