Around 60 quarantined in CCpur

Our Correspondent
CCpur, Mar 24: As the first case of COVID-19 has reached the State, the local administration has for the first time publicly released figures of people placed under observation in Chura-chandpur district with the total count touching 59 today.
The people under observation took a spike today as about half of them are coming forward or are being contacted today. Official sources said a total of 28 people are placed under observation today. They include 11 individuals who were in the same Air Asia flight with the State’s first COVID-19 patient.
With details of the individuals who landed at Imphal on the particular flight made available on social media soon after the flight details were revealed, many of them contacted the local health officials while a few of them who haven’t, were reportedly contacted by the officials.
The 11 individuals are now kept at the designated quarantine centre – the district circuit house. All of them are said to be in normal health condition.
Today’s tally adds up to 31 people who have already been placed under observation and are quarantined at home or at the designated centre. Of them, two are housed at the quarantine centre while another is reportedly placed in an isola- tion ward at the same centre.
Official sources said, test was sought for the three people at the quarantine centre but, one was rejected on the ground that it doesn’t fit the criteria. Results of two others, the isolated individual and another at the quarantine centre, are still awaited.
Meanwhile several CSOs including philanthropic organisations, student bodies and even an armed group under the SoO have in one voice called upon the public to strictly abide by the instructions issued by State authorities and to refrain from venturing outside of their houses. They also hailed the efforts taken up by the Government and offered help in whatever possible way they can.
The philanthropic organisations are ones shoul- dered with the tasked of condoling any bereaved families in the society for days, over and above their assumed responsibility of burying the dead. Many of them have thus issued notifications modifying the norms for funeral programmes to avoid crowds.
The district administration of Churachandpur and Pherzawl have meanwhile ordered a complete lockdown in the two districts, effectively prohibiting any form of public movement outside their residences. They have also opened a 24x7 control room to receive any emergency related to COVID-19. The control room numbers for Churachandpur are – 9366536861, 9774689840, and 9862166421; while for Pherzawl, the numbers are – 8732066037, 9862102529, and 9402285026.
The Churachandpur district administration has also requested the general public to inform them through the control room numbers if there is anyone in dire need of food for subsistence due to the prevailing lockdown. Local clubs, philanthropic organisations, and a handful of individuals have also made similar announcement offering to help, if there is anyone in need.