Festival of Holi – Brahma Kumaris concept

BK Dr N Irabanta Singh
According  to the present time (Bhakti Marg) many things have to be done at Holi viz; the Colouring, the burning and the decorating and also finishing. All these things have to be done at Holi. To do all of this means to Celebrate Holi, if anything is lacking in these four aspects, it cannot be called Celebration Holi. People dress and decorate themselves very beautifully at Holi. The main decoration of Holi are fancy images. The main decoration at the confluence age (Sangam Yug) is lighting of the light of the Soul on the Forehead, and so they light a Bulb as a symbol of this. But, in order for all of this to happen, we are to remember the meaning of Holi. Holi means whatever has happened is already past.
The point we need to pay attention to at present time is the point of the shield of the Drama, that is everything is the past when we become so strong, we can be Coloured permanently. If we do not put the meaning of Holi into our Practical Life, the colour fades away.
Types of Holi
These are 2 types of Holi. One is Burning while the other is Colouring. Thus, Holi meaning is Holi. That is past is past. So, Bapdada wants what – ever Sanskars we have kept due to which transformation of the world is now taking place, we have to burn out that weak Sanskar. This is similar to when a person dies, there will be cremation, that is, it has to be finished for all time.
Service of the Corporeal form (Sangum Yug).
There are two ways to encircle everyone. Firstly, through words while doing service and secondly, through the subtle angelic attraction. Let there be such encircling that neither the Brahmin nor anyone else can get away. It can be shown as the practical method of encircling. It is easy to build a museum. To build a museum is not encircling, but to be pierced by the subtle angelic angelic attraction means to be encircled. Brahmins will not have time for service now, there will be such circumstances in front of the Brahmin that will create the possibility of obstacles in his/her service. That is why, with whatever time someone has available, whatever service. Someone is able to do should be done to the maximum extent now. Otherwise even the time for service will be passed away. That is why Brahmins tie themselves to the maximum extent in the Bondage of service. Many other Bondages will be finished through this one Bondage. Thus, one has to become engaged in Godly service. If anyone, out of the 4 stages in Holi Celebration is lacking, that is something lacking in the stage.
Cremating weak Sanskar
Godfather is seeing 3 Royal thrones of each Children at the Sangum Yug (The confluence Age).
The first throne is on the fore head on which the Soul is Sparking. The second throne is Good’s Heart – Throne and the third is the future world throne. Only Fortunate Children have received this throne of God’s Heart. The throne of the kingdom of the world in the future will be received by those who become self-sovereign, the masters of the self. All 3 Sanskar for the kingdom of the world are created at this Sangum Yug (Confluence Age).
Someone who has a right to the kingdom also means to be in the Royal Family. Only a few will sit on the throne. But there, the Royal Family receives as much respect as those who have a right to the throne. They too are said to be those who have a right to the kingdom. However, the account is connected with the present time (Sangum Yug). So, to claim the full right from Bapdada means to claim a right for the present and the future for the full 21 (twenty-one) births. Only a  handful of multimillion elevated souls receive God’s Love and affection.
Return of weak Sanskar
If something we have given away to someone comes back to us by mistake, what shall we do ? Will we put it in a cupboard ? Even if it does come back, God said, ”Don’t keep it in our Heart because father Shiv is sitting in our heart”. Thus, we have to chant; Baba, Baba, Baba take it away. So, now bring about this transformation – that is all. We have to bring about  his Transformation.
We may Celebrate Holi with Colours, but first celebrate this Holi. Our praise is merciful because we are merciful God’s and Goddesses. Thus, we can change our Sanskar and the Sangsar (World) will change. Unless we change over Sanskars, the world cannot be changed.
Celebration of Holi by burning wrong Consciousness.
God  is seeing the sparking star for fortune in the forehead of such greatly pure children. No one else becomes so greatly pure throughout the whole cycle. At this (Sangum Yug) (The confluence age), the Brahmin Children take a vow of purity and in the future – Brahmin will be doubly pure – The Body is pure and the Soul is also pure. The Brahmins have burnt their old Sanskars with the fire of Yoga, whereas the people of the world (Bhakti Marg) burn something in a physical fire.        
Without burning the old Sanskars, Brahmins can neither be coloured by God’s Company – Nor can they experience a meeting with God.
(Courtesy – Avyakta Bap Dada 1969, 2004 and 2006)
[The writer is a student of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Iswaria Viswa Vidyalaya, Mount Abu (Rajasthan), India Since 2002 through Manipur Head Centre – Kwakeithel Moirangpurel Leikai, Imphal]