A 23 year old’s take on life: “Me in the contemporary chaos”

Shiihrayio Krichena
Murdered! Raped! Shot! Robbed! and numerous other words which are dark and utterly shameful to even be named are what greets me in the morning as I lay my rested eyes on the newspaper. And not surprisingly, my cell phone beeps in all the more of these words from all the news pages on the internet. Politicians quenching their thirst for power, self-acclaimed military heads stuffing their noses into every tiny bits of issues to sniff out some stashes of notes, law enforcers constantly losing their grip on the reality of justice, government officials with arms protruded to easily pocket some hard earned common men’s living. And notably, every human being depriving the earth off its gift of life in their quest for better life, when actually they are strangling themselves to a slow death.
All I seem to see are these and all I seem to care are these. You may say I am a pessimistic loser, a man holding to his dear life just on a thread of negativity. I agree with you on being slightly pessimistic, but certainly not on being a loser. I have simply decided to say what I feel should be said and speak of what I see. And when I say that, I mean I have given a respectable amount of thought on it. But saying all these does not mean I have lived all my life feeding myself with these views of the dark. I have on numerous accounts come across the beauty and the giving nature of many people. I have on many accounts given back and helped the needy, I have on many accounts witnessed spellbinding generosity and astonishing charitable works and I intend to continue doing so today and certainly tomorrow.
But in this world today, where everyone is hustling for life, they have basically lost sight of the complaisance of life. There’s always a good and a bad but as of recent happenings, their ratio is a pretty sick sight to look at, where the later leads by a huge margin. Modi keeps preaching unity, and meanwhile RSS extensively do their tear and wear process of united India going head on against the very nature of the integrity of India laid down in the constitution. And while all these happen on a large scale and blood bleeding each day, the officials concerned deliberately turns a blind eye to it. In recent survey reports, an approximate 1.50 lakh daughters of India get rapped and reported to law enforcers in a year, while just a meagre percent of 13% gets court case completed and justice served. While perverts pry and prey on the weak, the law fails to help these unfortunate victims. Almost every governmental entity is a hub of rampant corruption. Considering even this little state of Manipur where I reside, there are numerous reports of bribery in governmental offices, many of which are unofficial but the multitude knows very well what the hard truth is. The poor ones get ripped off the very little that they had, while the rich get richer. Some people may argue that only the fittest will survive but are we not entitled the same rights to live and do so decently? What right do you have to stake up your riches by playing it dirty just to leave another helpless man go to bed hungry? It’s a lot of wrong moves and dirty motives that went into this game that we’ve finally arrived to.
Also there is another substantive issue you and I cannot overlook. That is the fact with climate change and the rapidly deteriorating condition of the blue ball, the EARTH. It's not long ago that the lung was burning and the world leaders are more worried about tackling immigration issues and buying whole countries rather than joining hands to bring the wild fire to a stop. They probably did it because its not their lungs burning but the earth's lung, Amazon rainforest that was burning. Australia just experienced the worst wildfire in history of their country, putting a massive number of flora and fauna to a halt of their existence and is now facing deadly heat waves at their peak, which is bizarre. All these happened with a spark, and humans are the ones who ignited that spark. With our self-centred attitude and greed, we are exploiting the earth to its exhaustion. If this massive life support system gets wasted, your piled up wealth and comfort is but a thing to mock at. If at all there are super intelligent extra terrestrial beings observing us, they must be laughing at us wryly on our conducts and madness. Its high time that the whole world think over again if there is any future to foresee. Because the situation of late leaves very little room for a future generation. All these however needs to start from within me and you!
Now, for all that has happened; I am to blame, and so equally are you. Therefore, we all need to take a step back as humanely as possible and retrospect on what we have done and where it has led us to. We have to advocate for equity of resource and opportunity as far as possible which certainly is not the case today, stop working for money but for the welfare of the people as a whole, come back to our senses of the work ethics we are entitled on accomplishing, put oneself into functioning as proper human and not mere puppets of any sort of power and last but not the least, put justice first before any kind of fear.
Hypothetically speaking, if we can make all these work on one person, one family or one community at a time, the whole nation will apparently follow suit.
‘Don’t just stand a witness while the whole world gets consumed in the flames of greed and power. Think again, speak a word and take a step to reverse this erroneous code of conduct while we move forward for good.’
(Shiihrayio Krichena is a student and an avid observer of social and political happenings. He can be contacted at [email protected] or any social media platforms by the same name.)