Why afraid of corona?

I have found that Corona virus is a good thing that has happened to many lately.These days family members do not want to fly or take vacation trips because they are afraid of infections.They avoid market places, restaurants  and malls because they are afraid of catching the virus. At the same time they have completely stopped internet shopping because they know that almost everything comes from China. It may sound slightly overstated but it is true.
These days everyone is aware of the danger of Corona virus. But they are not well informed either by the medics or experts that it is not as dangerous as SARS or Ebola  in terms of morality rate. Yes Covid-19 is extremely contagious but the fatality rate is less than 3%. The only major concern is that nobody  wants to be part of that 3%. Moreover the medicine or the anti-dote is not officially ready or declared. Simply we have to treat the infected persons symptomatically. As of now 97% of the infected will survive in any case ; in other words chances of survival is 97% which is extremely high.
As of today nearly 80 countries have been affected by COVID-19 ( a deadly Corona virus). So far 31 confirmed cases are reported in India. Not a single positive case is found in our State .We are trying our level best to discover one positive case but still in vain . Meanwhile Bhutan has got one. Now Bhutan has blocked all foreigners including Indians to enter their country. It is a blessing in disguise for them ; particularly for those Xenophobic Bhutanese.
This Covid -19  is highly infectious but not very fatal  . As reported by experts the mortality rate is slightly higher than malaria or dengue. In a hypothetical situation if the entire population (thirty lac people) of the State is infected the number of casualty will be just 30 thousand only( taking that 3% seriously). Though the figure is not very scary  we must be careful. After all life is precious, even one life is very precious.
This is an innocuous ponderance as a layman. A State in South India perhaps has proven that their life-style including eating and drinking habits have prevented the spread of virus- diseases like Ebola and now Covid-19. I may be blatantly wrong but many wants to believe it. Alcohol is no doubt tastier than gomutra. If both are effective medications I don't mind taking the first one regularly till the epidemic is virtually over.
Manipur Govt must lift the ban on such medicine( alcohol) otherwise in such an extraordinary situation it will be difficult for the common men to get the  medication at reasonable price. Even for gomutra we have to import from the cowbelt areas because NE cows are not pure cows according to Subramanium Swamy. So our local brew is our only solace and panacea too.
"The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated" once said by Mark Twain. Likewise the terror of Corona is also highly exaggerated .I don't know which Country or which Company will gain out of this hyper hype. Anti-dote is almost ready in Israel or clandestinely somewhere in the East . Till then believe in local brew( alcohol )and gomutra, you have nothing to lose but you are helping your countrymen who are producing brews or selling  gomutra.
I want to sincerely appeal to our Police and particularly to our Bishnupur SP and Excise Department to not destroy the impounded spirits . These spirits may be converted into sanitizers by putting liquidized alluvera  or lemon  . This was suggested by one renowned Doctor , forgotten his name, some Agrawal. Masks and sanitizers are not available easily these days. Even if they are available the prices are artificially augmented locally by the seller. I don't believe it but people are grumbling.
When the Chinese goods are not purchased or imported this is a golden opportunity for our Make in India or Make in Manipur program.
Things which are brought inside from Burma must  be stopped for the time being till the virus epidemic is effectively controlled.
Local entrepreneurs, manufacturers and producers must make hay when the sun shines. Try to get the components, ingredients and raw-materials from within. This is the time to prove your competence and versatility. 'Jugad' technology may be converted to genuine technology.
If alcohol (sanitizers) can kill the virus on our hands can't we use the potable alcohol inside our body. And  if gaomutra is effective, prove it and export to China ,Iran , Italy etc.