Amid lockdown Relief distribution continues in Delhi

New Delhi, Apr 19
The campaign for distribution of relief materials to Manipuri students, working individuals, people who are stuck in Delhi in transit and whoever is facing difficulty during the lockdown in the National capital continues for the sixth day. The relief materials that included rice, pulses, cooking oil, onion, potato, hand sanitizer and face masks, were distributed to about 400 residents of Naraina area.
Led by PK Singh, the Resident Commissioner, Manipur Bhawan, the relief materials were donated by voluntary contributors that included independent organisations and individuals from all walks of life from around the country, including Manipur.
Social media has played a crucial role in streamlining the process of distributing the materials. Following a tweet and social media post by N Biren Singh, the Chief Minister of Manipur, a large number of people contacted the Resident Commissioner in Delhi through Whatsapp, seeking assistance and intervention. Seeing the influx of requests, an online form was quickly developed and the link was sent out to each and every individual who sought help. The data collected from the forms were carefully analyzed and interventions were prioritized and resources planning done in a systematic manner.Whatsapp and Telegram groups were formed for every area and important information like guidelines, time and place of distribution were shared, keeping free flow of information.
Till now, more than 2200 relief materials have been distributed. The number of registrations through the form has exceeded 8500 and it is growing by the hour.
Manipur Bhawan will continue with the campaign to reach and cover as many areas and as many people who have registered during the lockdown. Those who haven’t received the materials as yet are requested to be patient, PK Singh appealed. He further informed that although it may not be possible to cover all parts of Delhi, sincere attempts will be made, while also mobilizing for more donors at the same time.
“We have been facing a very hard time during this lock-down. Thanks to the Chief Minister, the authorities, staff and volunteers of Manipur Bhawan for being very considerate and thinking about our dilemma and sending rice, oil, potato and other items today. May god bless all of them,” Tatholun Golmei, a resident of Naraina Vihar expressed. Words of gratitude have been flowing in from the people who have received the relief materials.