Only collective effort can defeat COVID-19, says former Warrant Officer Ksh Bhaktakumar


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By Our Sports Reporter
IMPHAL, Apr 4 : Doing his bit in the fight against COVID-19, former bodybuilder and IAF's Warrant Officer Kshetrimayum Bhaktakumar has maintained that only collective effort will be able to control and overcome the new disease.
Ksh Bhaktakumar who was honoured recently with the "Pride of the Nation" award and has 10 Mr India titles in his belt, is also assessing the impact created by the new disease which trace its origin in Wuhan, China. The bodybuilder who was also adjudged "Most Prominent Bodybuilder of Asia" has also been a unique part of the Fit India, Healthy India and Drug Free Nation movements.
With an intent to create more awareness of the dreadful disease which has engulfed the globe, the bodybuilder has reiterated the need to strictly follow the lockdown which is the only means to contain the transmission of the virus and urged all to observe the guidelines and safety norms issued by Health Authorities.
If we maintain social distancing and keep sanitizing ourselves by following simple hygienic activities prescribed by WHO and Govt Health agencies, the spread of the virus can naturally be contained and thus conquer the disease to get things back to normal in a matter of few weeks, Bhaktakumar said.