From COVID-19 Lan to Cheng Lan: Ugly verbal outburst

The ugly side and there are many. But what is still piping hot and will definitely rank right up there is the verbal diatribe against the Chief Minister by his deputy over the rice quota distributed to the people who are still under lockdown in the face of the threat from the rampaging coronavirus. Not surprisingly the verbal diatribe or offensive against the Chief Minister went viral on the social media and  perfectly in line with the verbal offensive, another BJP MLA minced no words in asserting that the NNP Ministers, the party to which the deputy to the Chief Minister belongs to, can resign from the Council of Ministry. The latest episode is an example of the low level that personalities who have come to be called political leaders by virtue of winning the election can stoop to. That this should come at this point of time, when everyone, irrespective of position and status are hard pressed under the lockdown and the anxiety trigerred by COVID-19, is what makes it all that more unpalatable. And to think that such an outburst should come from within the coalition partners is what makes it all that more ‘delicious.’ No wonder this development has gone some way in adding colour to the drab life of the people, who today have to bear the boredom and anxious moments, being literally locked up in the confines of their own homes. On the other hand it would not have been that ‘colourful’ if the verbal diatribe had come from an MLA who sits on the Opposition bench, particularly the Congress.
Interesting, colourful yes, but this incident has left a bad taste in the mouth of  all thinking citizens of the land. In a way this also belittles the efforts taken up to be on guard against the virus which has already taken a heavy toll on mankind and this is certainly not the time to indulge in some juvenile antics. This is the time to ponder over whether the assistance given by the Government reach every section of the society. The lockdown is necessary, no doubt about that and this makes it all that more necessary for the elected political leaders to seriously study the plight of the daily wage earners, especially those who may have come to Imphal and are staying on rent and hence are not included in the electoral rolls. Granted a slightly different arrangement, such as giving them their rice quota and other necessities on  different dates, may have been made,  but can the doles really meet the ends of these people ? How about the ASHA workers, who are also at the forefront and are keeping a tab on those who have are quarantined at home ? These are the questions which should be discussed and deliberated amongst the political leaders of the day instead of training guns on each other. Hope the verbal diatribe does not become the defining line of the lockdown and the measures taken up to keep the virus at bay. Social or physical distancing should not morphed from COVID-19 Lan to Cheng Lan.