The answers

Why am I not able to move on from my past? I had many in my yesterdays that I just wanted to leave them in the easiest possible ways. The more I want to forget, the more I try leaving them, the closer I get to them; it sticks badly. I know most or even all must be going through something like this in the past or even now, and do you know what do we have all in common when it comes to situations like this or corners like this? Lack of acceptance. The worst nightmare that happened in your past, the frightening experience that you encountered, all of these are put in a zone where you do nothing but just avoid them. When someone you love so much left you, as long as you don’t accept that they are gone from your life, you will never be able to move on. Many tries to just ignore the discomfort just to avoid the consequences. The best way to move on is to accept what happened.
Why am I not figuring out for what I want to do in my life? This must be one of the most inner-ly asked questions. Many flagged off their life’s journey with where they want to reach rather than choosing which is their favourite vehicle to go on with the journey. Many are so much focused on what they want to be before figuring out what they are good at or what they love doing most of the time. The best way to know what you love the most is to see what distracts you the most. If you never loved singing, no amount of Sa-Re-Ga-Ma will distract you. If you never wanted to be a doctor, why should biology make you smile. And if any amount of music disturbs you while you are solving maths, if you always find yourself humming to notes while you are solving maths, you need to seriously look up at that distraction because dreams are the main cause of distraction and depression. If you have no dreams, you won’t even cry, you will be of no difference from that of a man made robot. Look what disturbs you the most, and find what you love before looking up on what you want to be.
Why do ‘what ifs’ stop me all the time? Because you have never seen what’s beyond. What if people make fun of me? What if I get scolded? What if I fail? But have you been laughed at? But have you been scolded? But have you failed? NO. Because if you did, no amount of ‘what ifs’ can stop you because you know why? YOU TRIED. That’s the power of trying. Trying is a fuel that ignites ‘so what’ in one’s soul. Confused? Let me make it clear. What if people laugh at me during my presentation? Suppose you started your presentation and people have started laughing at you, do you think you will run away? NO, instead a ‘so what’ nature will come up because you TRIED. The reason why ‘what ifs’ stop you is because you have never tried doing anything for real. Try doing it, ‘what ifs’ are for those who never tries, that is why it literally says ‘WHAT IF?’
Why is my mind full of negative thoughts? Because you never realized how strong you are, because you never tried understanding how powerful you can be. Simple example, if you are a strong man, do you try having a lion fight or a snake fight? I am sure you go up face to face like a lion, not hide in the bush like a snake. The moment you realize that you are powerful, you start taking responsibilities and fill yourself up with positivity. If you are the one who thinks a simple plastic bag can ruin the earth, you will surely put it in the right place. Taking all in mind, how do you know that you are really powerful? Let’s bring corona inside. Don’t you think you can alone spread corona in the whole Manipur? Do you think you are not capable? This is something you shouldn’t try, you can if you are that stupid but you know what I mean. You alone can cause a lot of trouble, which speaks nothing but how powerful you are and you can be. It sounds silly but if you keep that in your consciousness then you can accept that you are powerful which will then be useful for yearning positivity. So, whenever you think negative, understand that you are really powerful and with great power comes great responsibilities. I know it’s from spider-man, no need to laugh.
Why am I even reading this article? May be you have nothing better to do? Kidding. I understand you all must be going through a lot because of this corona, but trust me it will surely get better soon. Stay home, stay healthy, don’t waste money because people are losing jobs, it’s the best time to give yourself time, check on yourself, fill up your blanks and shine again after corona falls, peace.
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