International Nurses Day

Th Nandarani Devi
History: The Nurses day was first proposed and proclaimed by Dorothy Sutherland, an official in the US Department of Health, Education and Welfare, in the year 1953. It was only since 1965 the International Council of Nurses (ICN) commemorated Nurses Day. It was in 1974, 12th May was chosen by the ICN for the celebration of International Nurses Day, as it was the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale. Each year ICN makes selection of a theme and directs the activities of the nurses towards the theme across the world. On this occasion, ICN prepares and distributes educational and public information kit for use throughout the year by nurses everywhere.
    This year’s theme is Nurses : A voice to lead-Nursing the world to health, demonstrates how nurses are central to addressing a wide range of health challenges. It will encourage nurses and the public to celebrate the big day, but also provide information and resources that will help to raise the profile of the profession throughout the year and attract a new generation into the nursing family.
    ICN president Annette Kennedy said she is expecting 2020 to be a momentous year for the profession. Moving the year of the nurses and Midwife coincide with Florence Nightingales bicentennial raises exciting prospect of nurses finally being recognised for all the good they do.
    All around the word, nurses are working tirelessly to provide the care and attention people need whenever they need it. In this year of the nurse and midwife, the eyes of the world are our profession in a way that, we could not have anticipated. Nurses are in the spot light and all around the planet this tragic Covid-19 pandemic in revealing the irreplaceable work of nursing for all to see.
    Nurses because of their unique role of working with people from birth to death, need to be involved in  health policy.
    In view of the current COVID-19, it is  of great importance that every nurse is empowered with the higher no. of hours of patient contact compared to other health care workers patient have burst respect and faith towards nurses to engage in professional development opportunities available such as develop leadership skills through participation in leadership and management intership programs on a continuous basis.
    The role of the independent nurse practitioner (INP) is gaining recognition globally and may be considered in India in are as where-nurses led health facilities can have a greater contribution in health care system.
    According to all Indian Government Nursing Federation request to all Indian nurses on Earth to light a candle or lamp in the honour of the 200th birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale at 12 noon on 12th May at place where we are. This will be our simple gesture in remembrance of Florence Nightingale as founder of  modern nursing profession.
    Happy nurses day to all.
The writer is ex-president of Trained Nurses Association of India-Manipur State Branch.