DBT and free foodgrain - ensuring economic security of the poor

When the strategic Nationwide lockdown was announced to combat the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, PMGKY (Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana), a weapon in the form of a relief package was also announced almost simultaneously. It is a package that is especially designed to help the weaker section of the society in times of crisis.
As part of the PMGKP, the Government had announced distribution of free food grains and direct cash payment to women, poor senior citizens and farmers. The implementation of the package is being continuously monitored by Central and State governments. Digital technology has been deployed for swift and efficient transfer of funds to the beneficiary.
Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) system transfers money while ensuring that the amount is directly credited into the account of the beneficiary, eliminating leakage and improving efficiency in terms of reduced transaction costs to the government.
This has also ensured credit to the beneficiary’s account without the need for the beneficiary to physically go to the branch. Rs 10,025 crore credited to 20.05 crore (98.33%) women Jan Dhan account holders as first instalment.
The number of women PMJDY accounts holders whose accounts have been debited by customer induced transaction is 8.72 crore (44%). Rs 2,785 crore credited to 5.57 crore women Jan Dhan account holders with second instalment as on 5th  May.
Foodgrain to the poor So far 67.65 lakh MT of food grains have been lifted by 36 States/UTs for April, 30.16 LMT of foodgrain have been distributed, covering 60.33 crore beneficiaries by 36 States/UTs. 6.19 LMT of food grains have been distributed, covering 12.39 crore beneficiaries by 22 States/UTs in May 2020.  to be continued...