Looking after the vulnerable: Key to preventing spread of COVID-19

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 Several beneficiaries are recounting their experience of how the PMGKY has become their lifeline. W. Nikita of Khongnang Makhong, Imphal East District received 5kgs of rice each for her 6 members of family totalling to 30 kgs for the entire family. Besides the free foodgrains, she has got Rs 500 in her Jan Dhan account for the months of April and few days back for the month of May. The amount of Rs. 1000 from her Jan Dhan Yojana was such a life saver for her as she could purchase other essential items as source of earning income become very limited.
   L. Indira Devi of Khurai Top Khongnang Makhong, Imphal East also received her second instalment of Jan Dhan Yojana a few gays back. She was happy to share with us the fact that even though she had some money saved, timely assistance of the government in the form of free food grains of 5 kgs for each  member was the greatest help she could ever receive during that time. It freed her of the anxiety about earning a livelihood during lockdown. Her family received 30 kgs of rice which was enough to sustain for the month. Apart from these assistance they also receive dal, oil and other vegetables from the local authorities she added. She is all praise for the central and state government for such generous assistance and added that she is fully participating in the fight against COVID19. L. Ashalata of Top Khongnang Makhong also has a similar story. She says that she is not facing any problem due to the lockdown now and are supporting the community’s fight against the disease. 
   W. Chaobi Devi is a marginal farmer and was facing troubles during the early part of lockdown period but PMGKAY came to her rescue. Her family has received free foodgrains of 5 kgs per head in her family. Besides this she had received her 2nd instalments of PM KISHAN Yojana. Therefore, with the total of Rs.4000 she received from  was coming handy in starting her farming activities. From the first instalment of Rs.2000 she received she had prepared her field for sowing by ploughing and weeding. From the 2nd instalment she is planning to purchase fertilizers from subsidised rate.                                 
         Y. Tombimacha Devi of Loushangkhong Makha Leikai in Imphal East has come forward to share with us all the benefits she received from the government. Her family received 25 kgs of rice under PMGKAY which was 5kgs each for her 5 family members. Apart from this she also received dal, vegetables and other items from the local authorities. The other benefits she received are  a sum of Rs.2000/- under PM KISHAN which was received because she is a marginal farmer owning a small piece of paddy farm. She is also a beneficiary of   Ujjawala yojana from which she received free gas refill during lock down.
  The battle against Covid19 may be a long and ardous one. The poorest citizens are most vulnerable in these times of global crisis. It is therefore all the more important to understand their needs and come up with solutions that provide immediate and effective relief to them. So far PMGKY has done just that and instilled confidence in the hearts of thr citizens that we shall overcome these times by fighting together. PIB