Verse for Schoolchildren

- K Radhakumar
The history of modern times
Our brief period on earth!
Will our great-grandchildren have
A passing interest
In the ancient times
As they would call it by then?

Are we or are we not
An extraordinary people
Living in
The extraordinary times
That produce Einstein, Picasso
And people with courage and humanity?

The incarnation of doomsday!
Will this civilization
Lead us into nuclear winter?
What is this civilization
If it will lead into countries engaged
In biological or chemical warfare?

This is a hollow civilization
That damages the environment
Slowly and silently
Without our feeling it.
People are dying a slow death.
Who is responsible for the deaths
Caused by slow poisoning?

We add up to 7.7 billion and counting.
How will you be remembered?

You will have your name
Lettered in gold
In the annals of human history
If you are a hero
An extraordinary soul
Of the extraordinary times.
History acknowledges heroes only.
And who is a hero?
Are you one?
A hero is one
Who is involved in mankind
By one’s act of humanity.
Do not feel
You are a drop in the ocean.

The hard fact of life is
You are not happy in your waking hours
And you are not happy in your dreams.
Live and then die a happy person
Drinking in the spirit of the times.