Make in Manipur, try yu

The world is increasingly circumscribed. Due to Corona pandemic international trade is doomed. Global business has failed miserably.Import - export  has gone down the drains.That is the reason why our leaders have started talking about self reliance and self sufficiency etc. The underlying message is that we have to produce or manufacture ourselves for our own use and consumption. This is going to be the trend in the months to come if not in years.So, it is high time to promote and push for our local products like black rice, bamboo shoots, local brew etc.
Whether you believe it or not revenue from alcohol business is so incredibly high everywhere in the world.Forget about the world, in India many States are getting huge revenue from liquor. Five Southern States namely Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala earn humongous revenue from liquor business.In fact  10 to 15 %of their entire revenue collection comes from excise duty alone. The capital city of Delhi earns thousands of crores from liquor every year.
States and UTs have imposed an additional Corona  fee on the sell of every liquor bottle to save their tottering economy. In Delhi the Corona cess is as high as 70%,in Andhra I am told that the cess is 75%, Rajasthan the hike is 40%, Bengal 30%, Karnataka Corona cess is 17%.As a matter of fact many States and UTs are trying to collect excise duty as much as they can. People will still buy at exorbitant rates because they know the country needs their help. Patriotic drinkers shall buy bottles even when  the rates are skyrocketed because they are convinced that the economy needs a boost from them.
This is one  industry which can't be failed by the brothers and sisters of Corona . Our drinkers are so strong that they don't fear the dreaded virus; they stand in serpentine queues with or without mask ; no need of social distancing. They all are behaving like hardcore nationalists who want to become martyrs ; they dare to sacrifice their lives to save the country's economy . It is a fact that millions of people are working in this field. And almost 30%of the population consume the product.See the interdependence or symbiotic relationship among drinkers, producers, transporters, sellers, etc.
Some States follow the policy of prohibition and they know how dry they are. As a matter of fact they are losing huge revenue in the name of securing public health. I don't think Biharis are healthier than the Punjabis. Even for that matter Manipuris are certainly not healthier than the People of Megalaya. The logic of banning alcohol is still not very convincing.
Dry States are getting liquors.Dont ask me - why ? How ? Where from ? People are still drinking.Once they know the channel of procurement people are  enjoying the drinks; yes they are paying more.One thing I would like to provoke and promote is that  drinkers are more broad minded than the nondrinkers.Most of the teetotalers are egoistic and self-centred. This is my experience , I may be utterly wrong.
It will be interesting to know  the ten strongest alcoholic beverages in the world.Number one is Spirytus Stawski (96% alcohol)-it is from Poland, number two is Everclear Grain (95% alcohol), third is Bruichladdich X4 (92% alcohol), fourth is River Antoine Royale ( Grenadian Rum 90%), fifth is Hapsburg Gold Label (89.9% alcohol), Pincer Shanghai (88.8%), Balkan Vodka 176 (88% alcohol), Sunset Rum (84.5%), Devil Spring Vodka (80% alcohol), Bacardi 151 (75.5 % alcohol). Strongest alcohols are not normally consumed neat ; they are used as base or as other infusions.
It is extremely pertinent to mention here that once I was told by a Sekmai liquor producer that the alcohol content in 'machin'(purest form of Yu) is about 80% and he also told me that the alcohol content may even further be increased upto 90 %.Perhaps he was telling me the truth.Later when I spoke to a Prof of Chemistry she confirmed me that the alcohol content can be augmented but it could be dangerous to consume.
In case we stop importing Foreign liquors or even stop bottling IMFL( Indian Made Foreign liquors) and introduce a free competition raj among the local brews , I am pretty sure our local brand will beat all other brews in the country in terms of taste , content, kicks , smell ( can be made more soothing). Only thing we require is  regulation. Lift the ban , start the business, give license to the locals, control quality and release to other States. Hundreds of thousands of people will be economically benefited directly or indirectly. State revenue will gain 700 to I000 crore rupees every year from excise duty . Once it is opened  there will no looking back.
If the  Defence Forces accept  'Yu' for their canteen and consumption there will be no end to our prosperity. Patanjali products are entering the Defence Supplies. In the name of self reliance and make in India we may also try to strike gold with Yu .This is a golden opportunity for us ; let's act fast. Army Generals are fully aware of the potent of our brew and most probably in the absence of foreign liquors they would like to prefer 'Yu' to others.