You only fear what’s possible

If you prepare yourself to meet your fear then you will overcome it, but if you walk unprepared then it will traumatize you for the rest of your life. Little did I know about this until the moment I pen this down for how important preparation is while encountering fears. While you are busy focusing on what you are good at, you seem to forget how powerful it is to make a list of what you are weak at. As easy as, if you go to class knowing what to ask, you get exactly what you want to know from the teacher but if not, you come home with just confused questions.
The reason why ‘preparation’ is the only key to demolish fear is because no one gets afraid of the same thing twice if you go with preparation. I will push two situations in its clearest forms possible, if you fall down into a lake from a cliff – that will never make you be able to even talk about heights, the fear will be with you for a long time, but if you jumped down from cliff – even if it’s your first time, the moment your last foot leaves the cliff, the fear will leave you and reward you with nothing but a feeling you feel very rarely.
As long as you keep ‘uncertainty’ in your conscience, you will be armed with ‘preparations,’ which might not at times let you overcome in the first but will never let you give up after falling. It’s fun doing what we are good at but overcoming what you fear about and what you are worst at lies the real growth & happiness. If you are afraid of heights, before an unexpected incident crush you completely, wait till this lockdown opens and go to a place where you can jump like it’s the last. I know it sounds wild but, I know the feeling and I want you to feel it. It’s heaven, it’s the only way to feel nothing but the earth’s gravity.
Take a note today, write all the things you are scared of and write all the thing you love doing, put it up on your study wall side by side. Accomplish one from each of the list and see which makes you feel better. Trust me, overcoming something you are scared of open doors to millions of doors which you think don’t even exist.
Fears are not wars that’s needed to be fought, it your friend dressed like your enemy. Fears are dreams that you think is too good to be true. Fears are meaningful suggestions that leads you to open hundreds of doors. Happiness is when you realize how stupidly you created your CAN’Ts and believed them. Winning is not about running faster than your hater but building endless relation with your fears.
I know that it’s not as easy as I say but it’s also not as difficult as you think. How do I know I can overcome the fears? This is the question you have in your mind now. The answer is BELIEVE. Just believe you can. Believe is something which is not at all a hard thing because any questions for justification detorts. It’s beyond your knowing, it’s the highest form of assumption and the easiest - for it takes nothing but ‘will.’ Be willing to believe you can overcome your CAN’Ts, in the following moment you will find yourself doing the impossible.
Let me tell you a secret, anything you fear is something you can do. Confused? If I tell you to turn water into wine, you will start laughing coz only Jesus can do that. Or Rahul Gandhi can change potato to gold, that’s some next level game but I won’t go there. What if I tell you to dance in the middle of a busy footpath? You will surely find it uneasy, do you know why? Because that’s possible. Trust me, what you CAN in life lies more in what you CAN’T, fun lies more in fears, what you fear carries more potential than what you love. Therefore, the list you made with the things you are scared of has more things you will love than the other list.
Lastly, you only fear what’s possible. The moment you think you can’t, trust me – that’s something you can do it.
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