MSAD alleges

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, May 20: Even as special trains have been lined up to bring back stranded natives back to the State, MSAD (Manipur Students' Association Delhi) has sharply criticised the State Government accusing it of not being transparent in the process of selecting the passengers.
Stating that it suspects 'nepotism' in the selection process, MSAD said that the Government and authorities concerned should adopt a transparent and clear strategy to ferry the stranded people.
"We highly suspect a case of nepotism and that the relatives of those who are in power have been chosen without due deliberation," alleged MSAD regarding the lists of people who are heading back to (Manipur) on May 23 and 25.
Questioning on what basis the lists were created, MSAD asserted that "stranded people and patients" have not been given priority. It also asked the authorities concerned for a list which includes serial number reflecting the order in which people had submitted their details at Tengbang website, a platform where stranded people registered themselves for help and repatriation.