Initiate steps to prevent infection from entering community transmission phase: RK Imo

IMPHAL, May 21
With the cases of COVID-19 continue to rise across the country including Manipur, Sagolband AC MLA RK Imo has asserted that the State Government should initiate all possible steps to prevent COVID-19 infection from entering the community transmission phase in the State.
Wishing speedy recovery of all people who have been tested positive, the MLA suggested that people coming from Red Zone or even normal places should be tested for COVID-19 before sending them to the community quarantine centres.
Ideally, all people should be tested before coming to Manipur, Rk Imo continued adding that all people quarantined at Johnstone School in Sagolband have tested negative for the dreaded disease so far.
Saying that more people will be tested very soon, RK Imo said that those who have been tested negative will be allowed to leave for home as per the directives of the State Government and the norms of the Health Ministry, Government of India.
"As they leave for their respective places, we pray that they all remain healthy and continue to stay home. They have been given a small gift of a tree sapling, face mask, hand gloves and a card wishing them all the best in their lives," said the Congress leader.
Lamenting that it was difficult to find saplings during the lockdown period but somehow managed to buy it from a nearby Nursery, RK Imo expressed hope that all inmates are comfortable at the community centre.
 It is pertinent to mention here that the volunteers at the Community Centre have worked day and night for the safety of everyone, said the MLA and suggested that volunteers at quarantine centre should also be tested for COVID-19.
Saying that they haven't received much support from the administration to tackle the pandemic, the MLA lauded people across Sagolband AC who have come forward with a helping hands.
65 PPE kits were contributed by T Phulen Meitei, hand sanitisers were provided by AS Rajkumar, gloves and breakfast were contributed by Kangabam Leikai Committee, RK maintained and thanked all who have contributed for the welfare of the people of Sagolband.
"Rice under PMGKAY are being distributed across Sagolband AC through their respective FPS agents/committees at Clubs, Community Halls and other appropriate places. As the Rice under the said scheme is not enough to distribute to everyone, a sum of Rs 12 lakh (approx) have also been utilised from the MLA Local Area Development Fund to procure 500 quintals with which the FPS agents are able to distribute 5 kgs per person to every permanent resident of Sagolband above the age of 5 years," continued RK Imo and requested all who fails to receive the allocated rice to contact the concerned agent or the committee members.