Don't mix call

IMPHAL, May 21: Many under quarantine at a residential school in Lamboikhongnangkhong have raised concern that the quarantine will have little meaning if they are mixed with those arriving later.
Mixing the old inmates with newly arrived stranded people, not only increases the chances of contracting the virus but also interfere in the quarantine process of the old inmates, they said.
They arrived at Jiribam on May 17 and since then they are under quarantine at the centre, they said adding each room has five inmates. Further, there is news that people arriving later will be assigned to the rooms as the capacity of each room is 7, they said adding it is unfortunate that they will be "forced" to mix with the newly arrived people and break their quarantine period to start all over again.
They appealed Government and authorities concerned to look into the matter and enforce COVID-19 quarantine protocol strictly.