MMWO seeks Govt attention to help tenants, daily wagers

IMPHAL, May 22
Manipur Muslim Welfare Organisation (MMWO) has urged the State Government to come out with a special order to check the collection of rents and interests from tenants and vulnerable section of the society amid the COVID-19 crisis.
Many tenants who made their meets ends through menial jobs and other poor people who do small businesses by taking loans from riches and money lenders are worst hit as their means  for earnings have been shut for almost two months due to the ongoing Nationwide lockdown, said, Md Rabi Khan, Advisor of MMWO during a press conference held at Hatta.
Time to time distribution of rice and other essential commodities cannot fulfil the necessity of these section of the society, Rabi Khan continued while pointing out that these helpless people are being 'subjected to humiliations from landlords and money lenders.'
If an urgent order or provision to check this issue are not introduced , they may come out to streets in search of jobs and create unnecessary hindrances in Governments' plans to fight the dreaded disease, he added.
Vice president of MMWO HQ, KM Bobby also expressed concern of the rising cases of confiscation of tobacco products, betel leaves and other intoxicants during such a crucial time. Questioning how shops in almost every localities are replenishing this hazardous and addictive substances and selling them at an exorbitant rates despite the lockdown, he pointed out that there are serious loopholes in the maintenance of the State's entry points.
He also expressed suspicion that some highly organised syndicates must be behind the procurement and supply of these substances while urging all authorities concerned to keep a strong vigil along the National Highways passing through the State and to punish those involved in the trade befittingly.
Meanwhile, Md Aminuddin Moijing, secretary-general of MMWO HQ, sought support of all to strictly follow Government's orders while celebrating Eid-Ul-Fitr . He also urged all to pray to "defeat the COVID-19" during the namaz. It is saddening that the celebration will not be grandest this time but the festival may bring peace, prosperity and strengthen the bond of brotherhood among all, he continued.