Essential shops to partially open in CCpur

Our Correspondent
CCpur, May 22 : Partially opening up the restriction put in place earlier, shops dealing in essential commodities will take turns to open in Churachandpur town, a notification issued by the DM said.
No vehicle will however be allowed on road for local marketing. The order that said wearing face mask will be compulsory, also put the onus of ensuring social/physical distance on the shop owners.
It further said the order is not applicable to the exempted essential services as listed in the Home Department's order dated 18 May, 2020. Detailing the plans to open up, the order said all shops dealing in essential commodities located on the western side of Tedim Road will be allowed to open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, while the the shops on the opposite will open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
Shops located within Nute' Bazar, Dongzakai Bazar, Damkam Bazar, Tuibong Bazar, Zenhang Bazar shall remain closed.
As the wholesale market in Imphal will be open for the district every Wednesday, traders willing to pick up commodities from Imphal have to apply for passes on Monday, it added.
It is also learnt that about 50 people stranded or in distress at Uttarakhand and UP have returned to Churachandpur today. The district health officials have additionally increased sample collections from CQCs and QCs with about 281 samples collected and sent for test at Imphal today.