Cases near 40,000

NEW DELHI, May 3 : The tally of confirmed coronavirus cases in India is approaching 40,000, with a record 2,644 new cases detected in the last 24 hours. The death toll from Covid-19 has gone up to to 1,301 after 83 coronavirus-linked deaths were reported in 24 hours. Recoveries from Covid-19 infection has also crossed 10,600. Authorities across States will ease some lockdown restrictions from tomorrow, including opening of more categories of shops and business establishments, in areas with limited or zero infection cases.
Maharashtra alone reported 12,296 coronavirus cases, while its death toll also rose to 521. Gujarat reported 5,054 cases with 262 covid-19 related deaths.
According to an Indian Council of Medical Research, the India has conducted over one million RT-PCR test for detection of COVID-19. This test facility is now available in 292 Government and 97 private facilities across the country.
The other States that have seen the most number of cases include Delhi (4122), Tamil Nadu (2757), Rajasthan (2770), Madhya Pradesh (2846), Uttar Pradesh (2487) and Telangana (1063).
Globally, the total number of coronavirus cases has risen above 34 lakh with the US alone reporting over 11 lakh cases. Livemint