The key to finding yourself

This world woke you up, de-blanketed you to set off for a hunt. Many hunts for a space to fit in, some to be different and only the rare hunts for being themselves. Having asked and answered thousand times, for what’s the purpose of life? The truth remains on the victory stand amongst the millions; finding yourself to grow with it. Ever wondered for who are the happiest persons on earth? Look no further for they are the ones who are who they are. If you can be who you are, the purpose of your life is clear.
Every mind is like a pencil which is sharpened by a thing called education, supposed to be different for everybody to support the phenomenon of uniqueness but sharpens in the same way even for those who have different pencils. Once there was a time where everyone tries to fit in, years rolled and then people look to be someone who walk in a different path, different style, just to be different for gaining eyes – which was not really the best idea. But few, right from the very start had this concept of being themselves, they are the ones who’s ruling the world.
I know it’s hard, hard to find ourselves with all these clouded acts. As we are told how to behave, how to think, how to eat, how to even stay when no one sees, we are blanketed will this acting which is turning out to be one of the biggest mediums of killing the real us, which will in-turn affect the purpose of life.
Having said and wrote so, it’s hard yet it’s not impossible, experiences have proven that there are some who still holds on to being themselves. The way you are when you are completely away from “what will they think or say?” is the purest you can be. When you find that, hold on it, be bold enough to save that true nature, water it with no fear but hope, let it grow till that tiny nature of yours become a brand for millions.
One of the clearest reasons why you are being stopped from enjoying your true version, is nothing but lack of confidence, you keep thinking that you are not good enough to compete when you are being yourself. Firstly, you are not out here trying to compete and secondly, being yourself is the best version of you.
There will be many who will openly try giving you directions to meet your purpose of life, firstly, get away from them for they are trying to jail you in regrets, secondly, they are directing you from their perspective. The one who knows you the best is not your parents or your best friends but the one whom you see every time on your Aadhaar Card, that ugly face is the one who knows you the most, trust that person and take only his advice.
While you are on the hunt for discovering yourself, there will also be a lot showing fake love to you, making you feel that there are a lot who care about you so much. This might be an emotional murder.
Don’t be a flower or a gold whose prices differs from mood to mood, or country to country but be an oxygen whose price remains priceless. No need to be a deer who attracts people just for popularity, better be a lion whose personality remains stagnant. Instead of being someone who can be anyone, be someone whom nobody can.
Sometimes be like your grandparents, who knows that life is too boring to be taken seriously. Sometimes be like your father, who knows that you need to lie sometimes to make your surrounding happy. Sometimes be like your mother, who knows that life is better when you hide some which deserves to be hidden. Sometimes be like a dog, who believes in love and faithfulness.
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