FC Lamjao to represent DSA Kakching at AMFA Cup

IMPHAL, May 30
District Sports Association Kakching has sent out a list of clubs in their respective leagues for the 2020 season as per resolution of the executive council of the association while informing that Super Division League winners, FC Lamjao will be representing the district association at the inaugural AMFA Cup.
As per an office memorandum of DSA Kakching, Social Welfare Club (SWC), Keirak; Sena Athlete's Organisation (SAO), Kakching; United Brothers Sporting Association (UBSA), Mantak; Social Welfare Club (SWC), Waikhong; Sun Rise Development Club (SRDC), Kakching; All Kakching Khunou Sports Association (AKSA), Kakching Khunou; Laipham Youth Association (LYA), Wangoo and Juvenile Association (JA), Kakching will feature in the ensuing Super Division Football League. Similarly, Development Youth Association (DYA), Elangkhangpokpi; All Irengband Football Association (AIFA), Irengband; Phunal Sambum Youth Club (PSYC), Phunal; Sugnu Football Club (SFC), Sugnu; Keirak Makha Leikai Social Welfare Club (KMSWC), Keirak; Uyok Chingya Club (UCC), Kakching; Youth Welfare Union (YWU), Kakching and Kakching Town Club (KTC), Kakching will feature in the First Division Football League.
Friendship Sporting Club; Royal Football Club (RFC), Hiyanglam Wabagai; Social Development Organisation (SDO), Pallel; Kadajit Youth Welfare Associated Club, Wabagai; FC Kakching Khunou and Langmeidong Mamang Leikai Citizen Club (LMLCC), Langmeidong will feature in the Second Division Football League.
And Youth Development Organisation (YDO), Sora have been placed at the top and followed by Youth Progressive Organisation (YPO), Sora; Kakching Popular Sporting Club (KPSC); Kakching Football Club (KFC), Kakching; Public Youth Club (PYC), Keirak and Thoibipat Youth Progressive Association (TYPA), Sora will play in the Third Division Football League. Women Football Academy (WFA), Kakching remain the only club in the Women Football League. DSA Kakching also informed all affiliated clubs to clear renewal fee of Rs 3,000 on or before June 21 while adding that clubs/organisation interested to get affiliation with a fee of Rs 8,000. Newly affiliated team (men's) will start featuring from Third Division Football League, it added.