Being Positive: I Can or I Can’t

Ranjan K Baruah
Schools, colleges, universities and all other academic institutions are closed all over the country due to COVID 19. Students are learning via online mode and there are teachers imparting through various online modes. Students of elite or rich family are not facing much problem as they are accessed to internet and android phone but there are students who are not used to android phones due to which teachers in rural areas and remote areas are facing challenges to connect with their students. Digital divide is hampering in delivery of online education. I am not focusing on digital divide but wanted to mention about career planning as we are not sure when this pandemic is going to end. Recent graduates and people who are struggling to get a job are already under pressure as entrepreneurship is generally last resort for our young people.
Different surveys are worrying as we can only hear and see job loss and more unemployment in the country. Most of the sectors are already affected and job loss is everywhere. People are coming back to their native states which bring more challenges in front of the young people. Individual professionals or labours coming from outside have more professional exposure than people living here and this will be more challenging for aspirants to get job in our region. This is the time to remain calm and plan effectively for our future. My experience of working in the region for more than decade has taught me one thing that we have opportunities provided if we use creativity, skills and get exposure. This is the time when we need to be mentored properly and plan for our jobs or careers.  Being positive at this time is most important which is also important for good health. We have published about positive attitude and how it helps in our career planning and also in getting selected for jobs. Apart from applying for government jobs we have to also plan for other areas where we might get engaged. As there would be job loss so most are not sure where there would be vacancy immediately. There is less chance of immediate vacant jobs, so, we have to wait with our patience till we get the job or plan and be an entrepreneur and start doing something depending on the market demand. As things are locked down there is less market demand except essential services but in due course of time there might be new requirements.
We are aware of attitude and how attitude helps in getting jobs and placement. A positive attitude is fundamental to happiness, joy, and progress in life. It brings light, hope and enthusiasm into the life of those who possess it. It is the enthusiasm to try doing new things with a belief that everything would turn all precise.   It means positive thinking and is a mindset that helps us to see and recognize opportunities around us. It is like more optimism and focuses on the bright side of life and it is a mindset which believes ‘I m possible’ instead of ‘impossible’ or ‘I can’ instead of ‘I can’t’. People with positive attitudes can remain hopeful and see the best even in difficult situations like what we are facing now during lock down. Let us look around for opportunities and shape our careers accordingly. We have to think out of the box to find new vistas in our region which is possible when we remain positive at this time and always for our own success. We shall publish more on other required skills and attributes for vibrant careers in our next editions.
Ranjan K Baruah is a career mentor, motivational speaker, skill trainer and strategic planner and can be reached at 8473943734 or [email protected]