Yoga-A need of the hour

Dr Sagolsem Kulachandra Singh
Contd from prev issue
‘Tension Bomb is more dangerous than Nuclear Bomb’
We know that in Second World War when atom bombs were exploded in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 5 to 6 lakhs of people died on the spot, and another 3 to 4 lakhs afterwards due to its after effect. But this happened once only. Since then no atomic bomb were exploded, nor there is any likelihood. But very few are really aware that there is one main reason which is killing billions of people every year all over the World without any distinction of caste or race or religion or nationality, and that is Tension or Stress Bomb. WHO health report says every year fifteen million people die due to stress oriented problems like Heart disease, diabetes, cancer etc. And this figure is going to raise to 4 to 5 times by 2020.
It has been conclusively proud that these diseases are mainly due to faulty life style namely -
-Life full of uncontrolled mental tension
-Faulty diet namely diet full of dairy products, Bakery products, Animal products/processed, refined bottled or tinned food and beverages
-Increasing vices like tobacco, liquor
-Lack of physical exercises, sedentary habits leading to obesity
-Increasing pollution in Air, Water and Food
These are called as “RISK” factors”
So, it is obviously one wants to avoid these diseases one has to change his life style from high tension to tranquillity, take proper type of food, Exercise, rest and abstain from vices.
Here comes the role of Yoga :
The science of Ashtanga Yoga is the greatest contribution of the ancient Indian culture to humanity. One of the aims of Yogic practice is to understand the mind and discipline it. lt helps to develop control over the mind activities and produces on state of Harmony or integration, what is called as Samadhi a state of balance between body mind - spirit so called ’l’. This harmony is essential for the health. This harmony which is mainly disturbed by mind actively produces a state called as Vyadhi or Vikshepa or a state of Diseased i.e” Not at ease.
In Yoga this state has been described on feeling of sorrow, weakness nervousness, increase in breathing rate are sighs of Vikshepa or what we called as stress. This stress or Vikshepa condition is produced due to the production of negative emotional impulses like Anger, Fear, Anxiety, Frustration, Greed, Jealousy. So basic attempt is needed to stop producing negative emotional impulses, and convert the same into positive emotional pattern like love, friendship, companion, sharing delight and capacity to Pardon.  (to be continued)