Yoga – A need of the hour

Dr Sagolsem Kulachandra Singh
Yoga is a set of ancient spiritual practise that originated in Bharat, but have today become popular all over the world. It is essentially a system of self treatment and a way to maintain good health.    It is an art as well as a science which can protect every man or woman from most health problems, For this reason, increasing number of people are adopting it as a way of life.
Health is Wealth – Health is Happiness
The secret of happiness is excellent health and cordial inter personal relationship with all. There is no need to explain how essential it is to be healthy. In this Morden world one has no time to fall sick and also one cannot afford to be sick, as the management of sick person is becoming very costly.
Sickness is rigorous imprisonment
When one is sick no doubt the sick person suffers physically, mentally, socially and of course economically. But he is also indirectly responsible for the unhappiness of his close relation and employer. Sickness is sort of rigorous imprisonment.
Health- Happiness are not commodities
One must realise health or happiness are not commodities.They cannot be purchased in the market, or can be borrowed from someone. Once state of health is directly related to his life style- namely the diet, exercise, rest he take and the attitude     with which he lives. Medical care- namely –different varieties of medicines. Surgical techniques, vaccination etc, can prevent certain types of diseases, but they cannot make you healthy. Healthy is totally an outcome of once living style.
Many years back World Health Organisation had declared Health for all by 2000AD while India had declared health for all by 1995. For this WHO had guided how to overcome malnutrition, supply clean drinking water, improve personal hygiene, vaccination and inoculations. Family planning at all. These measure have helped to bring down certain germ oriented disease. However there are certain psychosomatic diseases like Heart attack, Hypertension, Diabetes Depression, digestive System     disease are increasing in geometrical proportion and that too in so called     educated and rich class of society. WHO has sent a warning to all developing countries especially Asian Countries like – India, that by 2020 to 2040, these countries are going to have disease     like –Coronary Artery disease, Hypertension, Diabetes, Cancer etc. like an     epidemic and that too in the age group of 30to 40. That means those who are now in the age group     of 10 to 15 are the likely candidates of this epidemic.
To be continued