India’s fight against Covid ‘effective’ : PM Modi


India’s fight against Cov
New Delhi, Jun 16
Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday asserted that the country’s fight against the novel coronavirus has been “effective” and that India is one of the countries that has had the lowest number of casualties.
In his opening remarks at a meeting with chief ministers and Lt Governors of 21 states and union territories, PM Modi said, “For us the death of even 1 Indian is unsettling but it is also true that India is one of the countries where there have been least deaths.”
He also said that when the country’s fight with the novel coronavirus will be analysed in the future, it will be remembered and served as an example of cooperative federalism.
This was the prime minister’s sixth interaction with the chief ministers since the outbreak of the deadly virus.
During his interaction, PM Modi laid emphasis on the swift revival of economic activities in the country. “Our small factories need guidance and hand-holding. I know work is being done in that direction. For trade and industry to work at its old speed, we all need to work together,” he said.
He also said that lockdown and the discipline shown by the people of India is a matter of discussion among experts of the world.
“In the last few weeks, thousands of Indians returned to India from abroad and hundreds of migrant workers reached their home towns. Almost all modes of transport have resumed operations, still, Covid-19 impact has not been that huge in India as in other parts of the world,” he said.
The prime minister also urged people to not step outside without a mask or a face cover.
“To even think of stepping out without a mask or face cover is not right at present. ‘Do gaj ki doori’, hand-washing and use of sanitisers are of utmost importance. With markets opening and people stepping out, these precautions are even more important,” he said.
With 10,667 fresh cases reported in the last 24 hours, the Covid-19 infections in India have now reached to 3.43 lakh, including 9,900 deaths and 1.8 lakh recoveries.
PM Modi will also hold a separate interaction on Wednesday with CMs from states such as Maharashtra, Delhi, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and others, which are seeing a spurt in cases and death numbers. Courtesy The Indian Express