Combating the spread of coronavirus: Strategic measures

Dr L Krishnamangol Singh
Today, the peoples of the whole world are living under the serious threat of the dreaded disease called the coronavirus disease or covid-19. In fact, different countries have been struggling hard to fight against the coronavirus with sporadic or considerable success in some pockets (places) or countries in the word since its outbreak first in China and then in different countries. The situation now turns into world health crisis as it persists as pandemic in different parts of the world including India. In fact, the spread of the disease comes to light at the global level perhaps since the last December 2019 and, therefore, it is also originally known as covid-19. Since then, it has been widely known as coronavirus or coronavirus disease (covid-19) and it is believed to be originated in December 2019 in the central city of Wuhan in China (The Economist, Feb., 2020-Feb. 23) It is reported that the coronavirus spreads swiftly land widely in China and in different countries in the world. Thus the present article seeks to bring out the origin of the virus (i.e. how the virus was detected). Then it is proposed to set out new strategies for combating the spread of the coronaviruses on the corona Virus disease in different countries including India.
As already noted, coronavirus on the covid-19 was believed to be originated or detected in December, 2019 in the Central city of Wuhan in China. In an obituary to Dr Li Wenliang, (in short Dr. Li W) It is reported that he was "one of the first" who raised the alarm about a new coronavirus and that he died of it on February 7th at the age of 33 after treating a patient.
Initially, Dr L. Wenliang thought that what he detected was SARS virus of 2002-2003. He considered that he was treating pneumonia cases at the hospital (i.e. Wuhan Central Hospital). It was also difficult to explain the cases (i.e. pneumonia cases suffered by the patients). it is also reported that the patients were in quarantine and that they all worked in the stalls of the local seafood market (The Economist Feb., 2020). His mistake was that he considered all the cases were the spectre of the SARS virus of 2002-2003 He informed this to all his fellow alumni to Wuhan University to take precaution for combating the virus. It is further reported that he had posted it for fast and that to his horror he had corrected it within an hour although he was too late and that it was a coronavirus which could not be identified. It was right and timely that he had raised the alarm of the new virus, which is later known new coronavirus. What is more shocking is that instead of cooperation given to Dr. Li. Wenliang for his detection of SARS like virus, he was charged or accused that he had done illegal activities for spreading rumours and subverting social chaos and panic. From all the accounts or narratives, it is found that Dr. Li. W faced fear factor for revealing the known fact of the virus. In fact the Chinese authorities did not cooperate with him even if he is in the medical profession as doctor of opthalmlogist at Wuhan Central hospital. In fact, even if he raised the alarm of the coronavirus the Chinese authorities denied it. This had created more alarming about the new virus. In fact, it is found that the new coronavirus was detected and  confirmed on 8th  January (2020) when he treated without mask, an 82 year old patient (woman) According to Dr. Li. W. at that time, she (the patient) was without fever. However, she had the odd symptoms of the new virus. And it is further reported that, to his horror, he began to cough and that the next day, he put on or used an N95 mask and returned to the hospital. The narratives of the detection of the new virus further revealed that, not wanting to infect the family, he sent them to his in-laws 200 miles far away and that when he was back in the hospital, he was in the isolation ward (The Economist, Feb, 15th , 2020). In fact, it is found that when he was immediately back in the hospital, "a nucleic-acid test showed positive (to him) for the new coronavirus" (Ibid., p.74) It is thus very distressing and emotional to note that : "Well that's then, confirmed", he wrote on Weibo from his bed (in the isolation ward)- (Ibidp.74) Thus it is found that his fame had spread far and wide and that the truth was important. In fact, public safety measures are essential for protecting, preventing and saving the lives of the peoples. And they are also essential for maintaining welfare and development of the peoples without discrimination at all levels coming to the critical issues of covid-19 in India, we are grateful that the in the government (i.e the Government of India) is trying its best efforts to save and protect the lives of the people against the coronaviruses. It is also interesting to note they the seek the cooperation and suggestions of the people. Likewise the Government of Manipur is not still lacking its efforts to fight against the covid-19 (i.e against the spread of the coronavirus disease) Thus, there is the need to involve people’s participation in fighting against in covid-19. In fact, it is true that "a healthy society should never have just one voice" Today it is observed that all the governments and the peoples are aware that for safety of the public or the peoples, the public power need not be used for excessive  interference. It is also very encouraging to note that all the local leaders, CSOs, NGOs, legal professionals, all luminaries and all other democratically established institutions groups and general mass of the people have emphasised for standing as "one" for fighting against the covid-19 or the spread of the coronaviruses. Indeed. it is generally accepted that cooperation of all the general mass of the people is highly essential to fight against the covid-19 or coronavirus now invading the human societies of the whole World. In what follows, an attempt will be made to set out or focus on the policy measures that can fight against the spread of the coronavirus.
1. It is heartening to note that there has been considerable or remarkable progress in the treatment of covid-19 or coronavirus disease in different countries. However, it is difficult ot save the lives of a large number of coronavirus infected patients in the whole world due to the absence of exact vaccines and drugs or the lack of development of real vaccines and drugs for the of their treatment. In fact, combination of some effective drugs for the treatment are now being carried out at a war footing in different countries of the world to cure the covid-19 or the coronavirus disease which is quite encouraging and successful as per the or information hither to available.
2.It may also be emphasised that making arrangement or keeping containment zone or areas is another policy instrument which is still used to check the spread of covid -19 or coronavirus in the world as a whole. In fact, this policy needs to be properly strengthened and supervised in order to effectively control or arrest the spread or the inroad of covid-19 or coronavirus into different places/areas/or communities in different countries of the world.
3.Another public policy which requires strategic attention of the public authorities or the governments is the people's sector which is redefined as sector comprising CSO, NGOs, local clubs different registered or unregistered development groups, private sector enterprises or units, household units/family institution, village authorities, panchayats, autonomous district councils private research institutions and medical professionals. legal luminaries, all professionals and distinguished professionals, academicians including various professors of different higher educations, individuals researchers, all administrators, journalists, high profile TV personalities and presenters, radio broadcasters, artists, singers and musicians, all players and other players, writers and authors, teachers of different educational institutions and all other groups and private individuals, local clubs, general public etc., recognised by the respective countries or governments need to be properly encouraged in terms of financial, logistic and administrative support. Thus, there is the need to immediately formulate effective public policy in order to involve the people's sector in the fight against the spread of covid 19 or coronavirus. In fact, in this critical juncture of covid-19 crisis, there is the urgent need to combine the top town and bottom up model in grappling with covid-19 pandemic. In this new model, it is essential that the Government of India needs to immediately provide with all the necessary requirements needed to fight against the Covid-19 or coronaviruses in the states. And all the state governments need to fully prepare or need to do careful governmental policy planning exercise to attract the attention of the Government of India to fight against the march of corona- virus in all parts of the states including Manipur. In fact, in the context of India, the NITI' Aayog or similar committees need to prepare a blueprint in the context of WHO, being the guidelines or policy model for completely checking and ultimately eradicating the covid-19 and coronaviruses.
4. It is also generally known that the opening of quarantine centre is another strategic model being followed or adopted in different countries of the world as a practice to fight against covid-19 or coronaviruses. In fact, it is necessary to keep in the quarantine centres the suspected persons that might be infected by the viruses. This strategy was followed when there was the outbreak of covid-19 in China. (The Economist February 15th 2020). This will limit/check the movement of the suspected persons from quarantine centre to other places or homes, check the spread of the viruses from one persons to the other persons. It is further found that even in China, the authorities have warned to outsiders for facing 14 day at the quarantines. In fact, it is an essential measure for making the people free from coronaviruses. However, the quarantines centres need to be properly managed and protected And there is also the need for people’s cooperation  and strict action of the government in order to make all the quarantine or the quarantine centres and the institutional quarantines centres completely safe and also make them free from person to person transmission. In fact there is the urgent need to create /build up a congenial or proper atmosphere (i.e. an effective system) for all the quarantines under strict supervision of the government.
To be continued