Combating the spread of coronavirus: Strategic measures

Dr L Krishnamangol Singh

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5. Next, we may examine the strategies or the plans developed by the Imperial College London for slowing down or suppressing the spread of covid-19 or the  coronaviruses. The gist of London Imperial College researchers’ analysis of various public health measures shows that a combination of multiple public health measures are essential for checking the spread of the covid-19. The Statement (19 March, 2020 Kolkata New Delhi etc.) further reported that the findings are published in the 9th report from the WHO collaborating centre for Infections Disease Modelling centre, Imperial college , London. It is the observed that more intensive and socially disruptive interventions will therefore be required to suppress transmission to low level. It is also reported that such measures most notably as large-scale social distancing will need to be in place until a vaccine (against the coronavirus) becomes available (Ibid., i.e. from the same source) In fact, the research team of the Centre for Global infectious Disease Analysis “GIDA” and Institute for Disease and Emergency Analytics IDEA Imperial college London has suggested five-pronged plan. The plan includes (1)Home isolation of cases. (2) Home quarantines of all household members to remain at home for 14. (3) Social distancing which is a broad policy that aims to reduce overall contacts that people make outside the household.
6.Social distancing of those over 70 years of age who are at highest risk of severe disease.
7. Closure of schools and universities depending on the intensity of the interventions Thus the report emphasised on home isolation of cases and home quarantine, social distancing of and social distancing of the people those over 70 years of are for slowing the spread of the covid-19 or the coronavirus And, the details for the slowing down and suppressing or controlling spread of the covid-19 or the coronavirus are also given by the           WHO. In fact, there is the need for combining all the policy measures for integrating or checking the spread of the covid-19 or the coronavirus. In fact, there is the need for combining all the policy measures for mitigating or checking the spread or the covid-19 or the coronavirus infection. There is also the need for making policy measures for strengthening and expanding the healthcare system of the healthcare facilities in order to meet the challenges of coronavirus infection. In fact, the concept of optimal policy used by the research team of Imperial College, London seeks to combine all the socially disruptive interventions that will be required to suppress transmission of the coronavirus at low levels and finally it (the optimum policy) will help in suppressing mitigating and eradicating the covid-19 or the coronavirus infection and transmission while awaiting effective vaccine and drugs or real drugs to fight against the coronavirus. As stated by professor Christle, professor of Statistical Epidemiology within I-Idea (Abdul Latif Jameel Institute for Disease and Emergency Analytics), Imperial College, London : “The challenges we collectively face are daunting. However our work indicate that if a combination of measures are implemented then transmission can be substantially reduced. In fact, It is  highly essential to urgently make a public policy for social interventions and minimising social chaos in our fight against the battle of the spread of coronavirus. (Ibid., p.5)  Coming to critical issues of India, it can be pointed out that the government of India and state governments including the government of Manipur have now made commendable achievements in term of the treatment in testing and discharge of the covid-19 cases or patients In fact, the governments have largely checked and controlled the spread of the coronavirus infections. Thus, with the increase in the of the total number of discharged patients or recovered patients/ cases, there is no need for increasing our anxiety (i.e. public anxiety) provided the governments continue to apply multipronged policy strategies as an optimal policy which depends on the combination of various measures of socially controlling expansion model in which there needs to be effective control and flexibility in the framework of the social and economic system.
It is also essential to strengthen the guidelines given by WHO and also to introduce flexible and socially controlling measures to crowd out the unnecessary social gatherings and social contacts that will minimise the coronavirus infection among the peoples. It is also equally necessary to strengthen and expand the disinfection programme through the spread of anti-virus or disinfection solutions wherever possible or at all places/areas that will reduce/keep the various viruses at low levels. While there is the theoretical impossibility to completely wipe out the coronaviruses, it is high time to resort to measures for controlling climate change and global warming as it prones to increase different kinds of viruses, including perhaps  the coronaviruses. The problem of climate change and global warming which is mainly due to carbon emissions in the atmosphere (i.e. increase in the CO2) may increase new types of organisms on the earth’s surface which may create various dreaded viruses and diseases. The corona related viruses (i.e. the gases related viruses) are likely to be created through disturbances in the natural atmosphere gases that may create ultraviolet rays/radiation in the atmosphere and reach earth’s surface. This may create/breed poisonous viruses, insects, and other organisms. That are inimical to human beings This theory will also help in searching for the evolution of coronavirus on the earth’s surface. Thus the global leader of the different nations and the various global institutions/organization/forums/the scientists etc. need to reconsider and engaged in re-research in order to find out how the various viruses including the new coronavirus are likely to be result of man  made through climate change and global warming and destruction of world environment  Thus, it is necessary to control the climate change and global warming in order to build up a clean  world global environment that will ultimately help in wiping out the various viruses from areas or places where human civilization takes places. In fact, these are the tasks and responsibilities of the national and global leaders
In conclusion, it can also be conceptualized that corona (gases) or coronary or pulmonary disease may (like a Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) be linked with or related to the polluted environment in that there may be the natural outcome or generation of coronaviruses Thus, the problem of environment needs to be addressed through two-pronged policy. First, it is necessary to control the climate change and global warming which is an offshooth of overall unclean environment. Secondly, it is necessary to make strenuous efforts to address the of nature underdeveloped environment on the earth’s surface.
Thus, while it is well known that the development of exact vaccine for fighting the coronavirus is immediately necessary, there is also the urgent need to develop new research in the field of climate change and global warming, and underdeveloped nature of environment etc in order to help in fighting against the coronaviruses. Thus “Climate Change without Disaster : New Economic System that lasts Development” has already been documented in book form (Dr. L. Krishnamangol Sunmarg Publishers, New Delhi 2015) to save all the mankind/humankind or all the human beings (i.e the whole peoples of the world or the whole global peoples). Thus, it is highly necessary to develop a new coronavirus theory to explain all factors causing the covid-19 or the coronavirus disease.
The writer is an economist, researcher and author. His latest book is Political Economy of Development : Changing Perceptions (Akansa Publisher, New Delhi-2020). He is a retired Associate Professor of Economics Department of Economics, Imphal College, Imphal, Government of Manipur. The writer is also founder General Secretary of Economics Development Research Group, Manipur. The views expressed in the article are personal.