Politically stable but sticky

It is quite natural that everyone wants to become a minister and every minister wants to hold good portfolios. Who will decide ? High Command. When we have multiple Commands, netas are at sea. In such a topsy-turvy situation , who can provide the right guidance for an amicable settlement. No doubt there is requisite number  to survive but the allocation of ministership and ministries may be tricky .
Recently I was going through an interview of Michel Foucault. While taking about history of problematical he said, "To one single set of difficulties, several responses can be made. And most of the time different responses actually are proposed. But what has to be understood is what makes them simultaneously possible; ...one tries to see how the different solutions to a problem have been constructed, but also how these different solutions result from a specific form of problemization." Our present political issue may  have multiple solutions coming from different quarters.Any new solution that might be added to the others would  arise from constant ‘problemization’. In simple words an issue may be addressed or dealt with by the application of a series of thoughts even contradictory at times.
No incumbent neta wants to waste the remaining 20 months .Possibilities of finding a political solution lies in the synthesis of different and difficult thoughts and ideas. Centre can hardly provide the required amicable solution as they don't understand the nitty-gritty of local power equation.The practical solution lies with problemization which induces multiple responses for a simultaneous solution.Solution suggested from within and outside may be synthesized and compromised.Permission to act independently may be sought , that's all. Rest will fall in line.
We believe in democracy because it is so far the best form of government . At the same time we also want to have a stable government which can deliver good within the stipulated term. But the tragedy is,  political instability occur quite often due to power struggle thereby resulting to disorientation and disorder in the system. This is quite detrimental to public service and governance.
The term 'horse trading' came into usage in the early part of the 19th century referring to the shrewd and dishonest haggling among the horse traders.Later on it became a part of political parlance to mean unholy bargain and compromises for getting  support or gaining alliance particularly at the time of fulfilling a requisite number.
Our counterpart of political horse trading is 'aya Ram gaya Ram ' invented in Haryana in 1967 when there were excessive horse trading among the elected Members. There took place a series of horse tradings resulting in the dissolution of the Assembly.And a fresh election was held in 1968. These instances of  political horse trading , counter horse trading and counter counter horse trading became a subject of innumerable cartoons, humours, caricatures and jokes.
I don't know who said it, " there is no permanent friend or foe in politics ". This adage still holds good. A political analyst , an octogenarian ,a die hard Congress  tells me that this practice of horse trading is bad but some times it is necessary to maintain equilibrium in politics. Concentration of power may be diluted from time to time by such manoeuvres.
All over the world missing report is filed when something or somebody is not traceable . We  an aircraft is missing after takeoff a missing report is filed by the concerned people to the competent authorities. Then all efforts are made to discover the aircraft. When netas are missing their spouses come to their rescue. It is a new story to tell vis-a-vis the episodes of political camping and  logrolling. It remains us of the Haryana model of counter counter horse trading.
They  belong to the same species called politicians and why should they shy away from doing everything possible to gain power? After all they enter politics  for power.  The only problem is that all of them can't be part of the government.But for the sake of the people and in the interest of State they may provide a stable Government. Parties are artificial divisions for contesting elections and running a multi-party democracy. The fundamental objective is to serve the people and the State. These mechanical segregations withers away when the need arises. We are experiencing it.Seriously, I am not joking.
Having a government without opposition will be a rare scenario. Every elected member supporting the govt  either from inside or outside is not impossible.Now the scenario is crystal clear. People don't understand the fact that our leaders are all dedicated men who can do anything and everything in their own interest, I mean in people's interest.
We won't be surprised to see everyone extending support to the government for keeping it alive.The pleasure of PR is understood by all and sundry. At the same time the burden of contesting election in Corona times is going to be another pain in the wrong place . Good sense prevails ; continuing with the status quo is not a bad idea. Mantra is symbiotic :
"Ekai Nungsi Yanana Nangna Enakta lepkhiba"