The mystery bird

Moirangthem Minakshi Devi
Across the silken clouds, rove a bird,
Stretches her mystic wings,amid the crimson air.
Swift as a spirit,flying royal through all tempest,
An opulent amber bird,she weaves a wedlock with the sky.
Across mountain range,over beauteous rivulets,
Skipping trips to the fretful human dwellings,
Challenging the great bassoon of gravity of ground
She goes to places I cannot,unexpected as locusts.
I envy her,the mystery bird,for the freedom she relish,
Devoid of dreams and chains,she swoops in long curves, through the blue ether
Fixing her habitation at her will,picking food at native bough,
Blown often by fierce zephyrs,yet she sings a slow breathed melody
Naming the sky as her own,she chirps a cheerful trill.
Her kind isn't seen much- sky endangered,
a bird of Mystery.