The twilight of nature

Thangminlun Haokip
Have you ever been rambling around?
Into the boundless wonders amidst nature,
The surreal splendour, her wondrous beauty surround,
When you saunter into the blessed abode of nature.
But oh what has mankind done!
Why must you dissipate the benefaction of nature,
Enough with the pollution, trigger the contribution undone,
For the nature of the future bets on the future of nature.
Environment is more treasured than silver or gold,
Pollution it might be yesterday, today could be solution,
So care for mother nature without being told,
Intriguing your wit and vitality, contribute with passion.
Halt the decimation of nature this moment!
Lest the twilight of nature shall incept with pain,
Awaken the consciousness for the protection of the environment,
And the twilight of nature's annihilation shall wane.