A review on “Reminiscence of coming and remembering return journey”

Professor BN Pande
Reminiscence of coming and remembering return journeys -edited and published by Prof N Irabanta Singh, Nibiaa Consultancy Pvt.Ltd. Singjamei Bazar , Imphal (2020). It is a great pleasure for me to express my thanks to Prof. N. Irabanta Singh for a complimentary copy that he has dedicated to the supreme God Father.
He made his presence marked as dedicated , devoted, and disciplined teacher and guide. His simplicity and sagacity always endeared him to his students and colleagues. He has been a man of few words , frank, straight forward , enlightened , forward looking , mentally alert and agile, always with full of new ideas. His planning and execution of research projects have been exemplary . He comes from a very modest family, but he has scaled glorious academic heights by shear hard work , resilience, and catholic devotion.
He initiated research work in the field of aerobiology in the indo-myanmar border state Manipur,no sooner he joined the Manipur Central University , Canchipur in 1984 as Associate Professor and in charge of Plant Pathology section in the department of Life sciences . Since then various constituents of the airspora have been the subject of intensive investigation. He and his students have published as many as 146 research papers in aerobiology in the journal of International repute. He also had executed 15 major research projects with funding from DST, UGC, DBT, ICMR, CSIR, MOEF, AICTE , ICFRE etc.
He has served Indian Aerobiological society as Vice President (2003-2007) , as President (2007-2010) and delivered presidential address on the topics “Aerobiology in Plant Pathology and disease management “ and “Aerobiology in Plant, Animal and human Healthcare during the 15th and 16th National Conference on Aerobiology , respectively .
He also had initiated digitization of Aero biodata in Manipur. The compilation of the data was incorporated in three files /folders , viz 1) Airborne Blue Green Algae in Manipur. 2) Database for Airborne fungal spores and 3) Database for providing morphological characters, their allergic effects and microscopicimages of each species which can be viewed (Irabanta Singh, 2013). His attachment with the subject aerobiology is deeply connected with his two sons which bears the name 1) Aeroshil (Aerobiology of Shillong) and Aerex (Aerobiology experiment) clearly indicating family link.
He is a legend in his own lifetime for his contribution to Indian Aerobiological society from North East India.
Regarding the volume “Reminiscence of coming and remembering the return journeys”, it is informative , well planned and documented . It will be an encouragement to the researchers from atmospheric biology fields and allied fields of research.
The first part of this book – “Reminiscence of coming” that includes his autobiography comprising four testimonials and 10 chapters. Except chapter 4 , the chapter 1 to 9 had already published in the “Sangai Express” Imphal . The chapter 10 is mostly from his compendium “Aerobiological and allied field research , teachings and technology transfer at Manipur University (1984-2015) that he published in January 2015.
The Second part “remembering return journeys” he means tally with Father Brahma in Sungkalpa (thought), bol(words) and Karma(deeds) . Thus, subsequently it deals with experiences gained as a student of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwaria Vishwa Vidyalaya (2002-2020) . However, this part is divided in 5 Godly messages published in “The World Renewal “- PBKVV , Shantivan- 10 . The rest of the topics , except i) coming in contact with Bap -Dadaii) Bap-Dada’s Millan and iii) Visit to 4 – Dhams. The last topic “Key to Golden Age was derived from Spiritual empowerment PBKIVV, Pandvan Bhavan with Courtesy.
In view of the above , I would like to wish him a very joyful and healthy superannuated life and remembering return of journey . I, as an aerobiology community, respect his work and contribution for uplifting of this important branch of science specially in the North Eastern India. He is a passionate aerobiologist and a source of inspiration for younger generation.
I once again would like to reiterate that Prof. N. Irabanta Singh is a legend in his own lifetime for his wonderful achievements and contribution to Indian Aerobiological Society, India.
The writer is retired university Professor , Department of Environmental Science , Dr.Baba Sahid Ambedkar Marathwada University , Aurangabad , Maharashtra and presently , President Indian Aerobiological Society , H.Q. Kolkata, India.