ACOAM Lup urges cash crops policy

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Jun 28: The All Club Organisations Assn & Meira Paibi Lup (ACOAM Lup) has urged the State Government to draft a policy for the expansion of the market for cash crops.
In a statement, ACOAM Lup said they have come across a media report of black rice grown in Uttar Pradesh to be exported to Australia.
The department concerned should find out whether the black rice mentioned here is 'Chakhao' or not.
There are many varieties of black rice in the world. In Manipur alone there are more than 10 varieties.
Chakhao being the most nutritional of all, it has got  the Geographical Indications tag, it said.
Consortium of Producers of Chakhao, Manipur should file a written complaint to the Geographical Indications Office, in case it is Chakhao, it said.
Due to the poor marketing strategy and no expansion plan, Chakhao is losing its place to other black rice varieties. This is also the faith of other cash crops in the State, it added.