Don't take COVID-19 lightly, says Youth Cong president

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Jun 28 : Manipur Youth Congress Committee's president, Mahananda Nungleppam has expressed that it is unfortunate to see State people taking the COVID-19 pandemic casually. Speaking to media persons at Congress Bhavan today, Mahananda expressed concern that the State has been witnessing a gradual surge in the number of COVID-19 cases and at the same time people do not appear to be too concerned about the impact the disease can have.
The rate of recovery may be impressive, however it will be wrong for the people to disregard/forget the safety measures as there is as yet no vaccine for the disease and means to stop its transmission have been developed so far, he said.
Recalling when the State had its first COVID-19 case, he said that it is rather unfortunate to see that people take safety and precautionary norms lightly when the cases of the disease have gone beyond the 1000 mark.
It is saddening to see the growing congestion in public places and widespread flouting of safety norms, he said and charged that the Government has seemingly failed to take up necessary measures. He also asked the State Government to make the public aware if there is any additional measure to control the situation, which if not dealt promptly, can result in a big disaster.
Taking on the " recent to and fro movements of VIPs", he asked how COVID-19 free certificates are allotted and urged the Government to allot the same certificate to them to ensure free movement and participation at political conferences held outside. Deriding the State Government's announcement to enable Inter-State bus service from July 1 and extension of relaxation period till 5 pm, Mahananda asked on what basis the Government had considered the matter.
Mahananda further asked how bio-wastes are coming out from quarantine centres, being treated and disposed of.