WAD appeals Governor to protect women from violence

IMPHAL, Jun 28
The Women Action for Development (WAD) has expressed deep concern with regard to the rising number of crime against women, specially during this pandemic period.
In its letter to the Governor Najma Heptullah, WAD stated that it had documented 91 cases of crime against women and children from reliable sources and local newspapers, including 16 rape cases, 5 murder cases, 7 suicides, 6 life attempt, 21 assault cases, 9 missing cases, 6 trafficking cases, 8 cybercrime cases, 1 molestation case, 3 attempt to child marriage cases and a number of suspicious death cases.
In connection to the matter, WAD has appealed to the Governor to take urgent action against the culprits and initiate a mechanism to protect women and children from violence during this pandemic.
It requested for compensations to be awarded to the victims/victims' family and also urged for ambulance service to rescue vulnerable women and children.
Further, WAD also urged concerned authority to establish helpline channels to healthcare centres, exclusively for women and children.