Career scope in Chemistry

Dr Satyajit Mondal & Dr Soumendra Nath Bandyopadhyay
Chemistry is an integral part of the day-to-day life of human beings and society. From the very ancient days of alchemy to today’s modern high-tech chemistry, the subject marched a long way down the path of technological advancements and ground-breaking inventions.
The rapid development of chemistry in the twentieth century completely changed the way we live today. Possibly the greatest perceived benefits came from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The development of life-saving drugs and medical methods boosted the average life expectancy of human beings way above our ancestors by almost 30 years! In our everyday life, we became completely dependent on chemical industries. Almost anything that we use today is actively or passively linked to chemical industries. The overwhelming power of chemistry provides infinite opportunities to pursue this subject as a career building option for young students.
Chemical industries are booming all over the world. And why not? Beginning from the toothpaste, soap, oils, clothes, any plastic or metallic materials, colors, medicines, drinking water, food, fuels etc. to whatever products we use is a direct or indirect product of chemical industries. A few of them are listed below but this is only the tip of an iceberg that opens our eyes to the opportune world of chemistry.
Food: Nowadays due to the high population, crops are grown in the fields with the fertilizers-a product of chemical industries. Insecticides and pesticides are being used in a controlled and regular manner. The recent locust attack is also dealt with pesticides. Biochemistry helps to produce more fertile grains and crops. Artificial flavouring agents are a direct product of chemical industries. Every machinery that is being used is built from metallic or plastic parts-a product of metallurgy and polymer chemistry. Then comes the packaging procedures. Preservative production and regulation is a big industry on its own apart from packaging industries. Water in urban areas is also chemically treated to make them fit for drinking and household usage (iron-free or arsenic-free, water softening reagents).
Clothing: artificial fibres (like rayon or nylons), dyes, waterproofing, and other surface finishing chemicals are extensively used.
Home: Cement, paints, building materials, plastic materials, and metals that are used in making TV, mobile phones, computers, etc.
Transportation: Production of fuels (petrol, diesel, natural gas), metallic and plastic parts of vehicles.
Medical aspects: medicines, materials for medical instruments, artificial limbs, disinfectants, anaesthetics, cosmetics, etc.
Others: There are many more usages of chemistry in society. Everything we use in school, office, even in sports are related to the chemical industry.
Depending on the huge demand for chemical products, there are huge job opportunities if a student pursues chemistry. Apart from the huge demand in industries, there are also aspects of research and development of any product and companies regularly recruiting scientists for this purpose. Of course, there are job opportunities if a person wants to become a teacher in chemistry. That is the academic part of the job opportunity. Also, quality control officer posts are filled from the chemists generally.
Fellow of chemistry may become an entrepreneur by manufacturing of different chemical products. Among the vast job opportunities available for a chemistry student, some of them are listed below:
Academic Jobs
[1] Teacher in Schools
[2] Assistant Professor in Colleges, Universities and other Higher Education Institutes
[3] Scientist in Research Laboratories
Government Jobs
[1] Chemist in Central Ground Water Board
[2] Chemist in Forensic Science Laboratory
[3] Chemist in Indian Bureau of Mines
[4] Chemist in National Test House
[5] Chemist in National Tea Research Foundation (NTRF)
[6] Chemist in Ordnance Factory
[7] Chemist in Thermal Power Plant
[8] Chemist in National Fertilizers Limited (NFL)
[9] Chemist in Drugs Testing Laboratory
[10] Chemist in Railway
[11] Scientific Officer in Pollution Control Board
[12] Scientific Officer in Atomic Research Centre
[13] Scientific Officer in Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO)
[14] Scientific Officer in Geological Survey of India (GSI)
[15] Scientific Officer in Zoological Survey of India (ZSI)
[16] Scientific Officer in Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change
[17] Officer in India Government Mint
[18] Quality Control Officer in Oil Refineries Companies
[19] Food Safety Officer
[20] Examiner of Patents & Designs in Patent Office
Private Jobs
[1] Scientific Officer in Cosmetic Industries
[2] Scientific Officer in Soaps and Detergent Industries
[3] Scientific Officer in Personal Care and Home Care product manufacturing Industries
[4] Scientific Officer in Pharmaceutical Industries
[5] Chemist in Food Industries
[6] Chemist in Paint Industries
[7] Chemist in Soft Drinks Industries
[8] Chemist in Liquor Industries
[9] Chemist in Petrochemical Industries
[10] Chemist in Polymer Industries
[11] Chemist in Cement Industries
[12] Chemist in Textile Industries
[13] Chemist in Enzymes Industries
[14] Chemist in Paper Industries
[15] Chemist in Chemical Industries
(Dr Satyajit Mondal and Dr Soumendra Nath Bandyopadhyay are Assistant Professors, Department of Chemistry, ICFAI University Tripura. They can be reached at  email: [email protected] and  [email protected])