Shining spot in Kangpokpi district

Lamcha Chongloi
My nephew, Len, hidingly showed me a text message which read, "U Lamcha Chongloi hinpuijo" in the middle of the very crucial meeting convened by Pu Haokholal Hon'ble Chairman ADC-SH and Pu Haokholet Kipgen Hon'ble Ex MLA at ADC Hall Kangpokpi.
Len and I took leave since almost every agenda had been discussed and we drove towards Sapormeina. After reaching Sapormeina, we took a right-turn heading towards Koupulu mol (Koubru Hill). What a scary road!!! Though smoothly black topped, the road curves and bends with Z shape at multiple points and don't ask me about the steepness. It's probably 75°- 85° angles of elevation is the steepness of the road. It was a fascinating and thrilling drive. Woooooooow!
May be at point 2300 metres above sea level(approx), just below the peak of Kolupulu(Koubru), we passed by a signboard inscribed with "Kolpechang Village" at a Z bend steep point and I was murmuring to myself "why taking me to this site?". After crossing that, we came to a place where no one would expect, a small fish pond with a boat floating in it. What a surprise! Driving further we reached a parking lot where some cars were parked at an altitude of 25.04 - 93.5(from my Google map) and approximately 6 Km west from Sapormeina town. Alighting from the car, I saw a building structure which looks exactly like a lamp mast built on seashores, light-house. Some alphabets were seen hanging that read "Happy Birthday to Joujam."
I saw that many friends were already there. Being fascinated by the beauty of the spot, I did not bother them but started to inquire what place that was and who the owner was.
I was told that it is a farm with a registered name "Koubru Farm" owned by my friend Pu Lamkholen Kipgen chief of SP Ngaimun village.
An orchard, a fish pond goatery (Shirohi, Beetel Totapari and Muzaffarnagari a long tailed sheep of Rajasthan) , piggery, cattle farm, Poultry ( fan-tailed pigeon like peacock and decorative hen called silkie hen) and terrace paddy fields were at their initial stages. I believe it will prosper in a very near future and be a source of income generating for the owner and many workers.
But I cannot be convinced with the trade-farm because the place was too beautiful and so beautifully nurtured. I whispered to my friend Pu Tonghen,"It should be a park instead. That would fetch more income and in the meantime cultivators can sell their vegetables without transportation hussle here itself to visitors" and he liked the idea.
It was Joujam's 9th birthday . Her real name is Kimngaichullou Kipgen, the niece of the village chief. And the boat that floats in the fish pond was a birthday gift from her father. Pu Micheal Luncha entertained the invitees with his unfading old numbers after the formal program.
The birthday was held inside a Pergola, an open sitting place with shades while maintaining social distancing with a total number of around 19/20 family friends.
I recall an article The Sangai Express "Shining spots in Senapati" in 2002 penned by Pu Lunminthang Haokip IAS (Retd) the then Addl DC Kangpokpi where Mao Potato farm and Molnom village were described about their natural beauty scenic view created by the Almighty God and the people there nurturing it to attract and draw the attention of the passers by.
I think Koubru Farm is one of the shining spot in Kangpokpi district which is far more beautiful than Kakching Garden, Shilheipung park etc. I appreciate the hard work converting the natural crumbled paper- like- surfaces into very beautiful curve surfaces . So if you have stress pay a visit here you will be refreshed for sure. The farm is also a perfect place for family retreat or even a centre of learning for people interested in farming.
So, I hope there is no restriction for visitors from entering to enjoy the beauty of this farm.