The science behind making you feel less

All since the very opening – I have been bridging walls hoping to discover happiness even if my gut says, "it’s within or without." Now that I am breathing in this consumerist society – making you feel incomplete is their key for ‘growth and marketing.’ Anything that’s in the market is an addition to your present, it’s nothing about the necessity but going with the rest in the race. A make-up company will target your pimples, an AI-Voice command device will water your laziness, a clothing brand will burn your happy meals for it lies to you about how man/woman should be shaped.
But taking closer to the conscience and the inner-science, all the work was for biking towards the ultimate happiness of being the best of us. I understand that’s the fuel for business, for the supply only comes into play when the thirst for demand is flashed. But what concerns me now, is the blanket that has made me confused between a necessity and a luxury. Everyone is selling now, and it’s not really a foul idea to go after if only you keep your consciousness handy.
You got enough – and I got enough to be happy as well. And if you are after things in the name of happiness, you are just waiting for the U-turn sign. Do you know when you are handsome/beautiful? Wanna know? Allow me to break it all for you, see if this rings a bell – when you wake up from a beautiful dream, most and even you look for a mirror or your phone’s camera, well! - have you done that crazy pose? Finding the angle in that shabby morning just pushing to the world of justifying your handsomeness to a believable stand, even though you look hell of a mess. FYI – I love winking at myself sorry. Honestly – pouring out in the purest rush, I always feel so handsome during those moments. And coming to the next one, coming home after a tiring day – when my mind is not in the right shape, I feel so disgusted to even look at the mirror coz that’s a horror. Cutting the facts, all were in my shoes so – let’s not beat around the bush and agree with me that handsomeness and ugliness is all about the frame of mind.
People will keep coming in your life just to make you feel less than what you can and what you are. Turn on your TV and you will see the models lying at your face, turn on the radio – RJs lying on your ears, if you don’t read the newspaper – you are less-informed and if you read - you are miss-informed. Let me tell you something, this world is making you feel less everyday.
All the beings around have made us feel like ‘competition’ is the only means for growth, and it will make you keep chasing just to complete yourself but that never works, for destination is always a step away, it’s like tomorrow never comes.
If you keep chasing after to fill yourself to the brim, you will grind with emptiness and fear, for you will think that you are incomplete. But if you are after something just to add on to what you have, you will run after with happiness and contentment for there will be no more fear of fall because you feel enough already. This simple science might seem like the one you already know but trust me, if you are an unhappy person, you probably are taking this too lightly.
I know that curiosity has taken humans to the next level but happiness is another thing. Well – to some watering their curiosity might bring them happiness but that’s temporary for we are too small to explore this endless world.
To all who are reading this article, if you are reading till this part – let me tell you something – a simple exercise. “No on is perfect” – it’s okay to make mistake on the move – well! Stop laughing, I know I made a mistake – it should be “No one is perfect.” When you find out the mistake, tell me which one was you. Firstly, why the hell is he making mistakes with simple English? Secondly, oh that must be a typo! If you are the first one, you better chill because you need to change your attitude towards failure or mistakes. And if you were the second one, you probably are too good or just high on weed. Happy Monday.
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