Twists and turns in resignation drama : Distasteful volte face

Are the three BJP MLAs who earlier claimed that they have resigned from the party as well as the Assembly still MLAs or are there some technicalities that were not allegedly followed while accepting their resignation papers ? Only time will tell but this question is an indication that the resignation drama within the BJP which is heading the coalition Government is far from over. How this question is tackled will perhaps be known only with time, but already one of them has already created a ruckus, first by levelling allegations against the Congress and then by going ahead and lodging a police complaint against some Congress MLAs and in the process also indicting a BJP Minister. From a botched attempt to overthrow the BJP led Government to now this and surely this is something more than the comical, but borders more on the buffoonish. It is also interesting to see veteran O Joy entering the scene and in his inimitable style holding the ground that the conduct of the ‘former’ MLA amounts to a breach of privilege and contempt of the Assembly. Much like O Joy, many felt that the resignation of the three MLAs from the BJP, then the Assembly before joining the Congress led front fell perfectly in line with the spirit of the 10th Schedule of the Constitution. That the oust the Government move fell flat on its face is something else, but the very fact that the three MLAs first tendered their resignations from the Assembly, the BJP and then went along with the Congress surely went down well with the people but the turn around by one of the three MLAs and the verbal diatribe launched against the Congress left a bad taste in the mouth of everyone. Surely this is not something expected from an elected representative of the people.
Farcical, it certainly is. Resigning from the Assembly, resigning from the party on which they were elected are personal choice, and it is for this very reason why it is strongly advocated that any elected member should not jump ship without first resigning. A candidate is elected on the ticket of party A and there should be absolutely no ground for him or her to jump to B without first resigning. It is not only about the technicalities of the 10th Schedule but also about the faith and confidence reposed in him or her by the people at election time. This is a bare point that should not float over the head of any of the honourable members of the House. It is more reprehensible and unacceptable when one plays around with the resignation card and try to point fingers at others for the resignation. This is also a point which should not be lost on the people who in the first place pressed the button on the EVM in favour of the said candidate. In a way what is happening today is a clear reflection of no one respecting the finer points of democracy. Election is not a joke. Time for all concerned, the elected members and the people who elected them to come around to this point and acknowledge that no one should be allowed to monkey around with the understanding of adult franchise. Resigning and when the plan behind the resignation falls flat, pointing fingers at others is much more than comical, it is buffoonish.