How did they enter sans ILP poser raised 12 migrant workers at QC


How did they enter sans I
By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Jul 13: Joint Committee on COVID-19 has asked the State Government how migrant workers from other States entered Manipur at a time when issuance of Inner Line Permit is put on hold due to the outbreak of COVID-19.
Speaking to media persons, member of the committee, Longjam Ratankumar said that they found 12 migrant workers who reached Bir Tikendrajit International Airport just today lodged at a community quarantine centre opened at Temple of Learning, Canchipur.
Saying that the issuance of Inner Line Permit began on January 1 last but the process has been put on hold since March 18 to check the spread of the highly contagious coronavirus in the State, he asked how they reached Manipur.
The 12 non-natives were hired to speed up construction work of Overhead Water Reservoir at Thongju, Ratankumar claimed adding that the migrant workers don't possess any documents to identify themselves.
He also opined that similar cases might have happened before.
If any of them are found to be COVID-19 positive who will take responsibility, he asked and demanded the State Government to be more vigilant to avoid such blunder in future.