Batting for revival of Kamjong AC ; Clever approach to delimitation

Young, relatively a greenhorn in the  hurly burly world of politics, especially in the type of politics that one sees in Manipur-but spoke like a seasoned politician, taking extra care not to rub anyone the wrong way but in the process delivering a strong message. Leishiyo Keishing, the young politician from Phungyar Assembly Constituency of Kamjong district is this and more. In calling for a revival of Kamjong Assembly Constituency, the NPF MLA took care not to even go near the words ‘based on the census of 2001’ but delivered an almost identical point that called for a delimitation exercise based on the census of 2001 which is wrought in controversy and which has sharply polarised the people on either side of the delimitation divide. As the young MLA from Phungyar Assembly Constituency pointed out, there were four Assembly segments in the then undivided Ukhrul district, 43-Phungyar AC, 44-Kamjong AC, 45-Chingai AC and 46-Ukhrul AC back in 1972, before the delimitation exercise of 1973 scrapped Kamjong Assembly Constituency. Now with the Delimitation Commission suggesting that delimitation exercise should be carried out in some States of the North East as per the 2001 census, the MLA has pitched in with the suggestion that Kamjong AC be revived reasoning it with the line that as per the delimitation exercise of 1973, about 35 villages under the then Kamjong AC were incorporated in Saikul Assembly Constituency. This is besides some villages which went to Ukhrul AC. The stand of the MLA is simple enough. Now that delimitation has been mooted, this is the right time for Kamjong Assembly Constituency to be revived. 
It is the use of words and the approach to the subject at hand that is interesting and refreshing. No playing to the gallery for this line of reasoning will not whip up populist agenda. Significant to note that the MLA took the trouble of skipping the controversial 2001 census in his interactions with The Sangai Express. This is a point which should be noted. That the 2001 census was met with stiff opposition from the then Congress led Government at Imphal is well known and much have been said on how an increase in the headcount by more than 100 percent is not feasible is well known to all. While the attention of the people may be fixated on the absurdly high growth rate, it is the brain behind the gargantuan leap in population that should be noted. Ensure more representation in the Assembly so that the voice, whatever voice it may be, is more vocal on the floor of the House. More representation in the highest decision making body means letting the people have more voice in the affairs of the State on crucial matters and view this against some of the resolutions passed by the Assembly back then, this becomes all that more relevant. Remains to be seen how the stand of the MLA from Phungyar AC will be taken by the people who matter, but significant to note that the young man has been able to deliver a point skirting words and ‘justifications’ that may just rub others the wrong way, but delivering the same point more or less. This is what is significant.