A co-incidence or something more? Interesting developments

It may not be anything much more than a co-incidence, but the timing is spectacular and to be sure there could be many who would have put two and two together and come out with a number of speculations. This is what makes it all that more interesting. Just as a decorated police officer went guns blazing at the Government, naming the Chief Minister and a number of police officers in an affidavit addressed to the High Court of Manipur, came the news that majority of the BJP MLAs stayed away from a meeting convened by the State unit of the president at the official bungalow of the Chief Minister. All this happened within a span of 48 hours and to be sure a number of political pundits at every leikai and leirak must have started putting two and two together to read the political tea leaves and don the mantle of a political sooth sayer. Nothing surprising here for there are political experts in every locality whose favourite indulgence is to hold an audience captive while expounding their understanding of the latest political development, newspaper in hand. This is the initial response to anything new on the political front and while this reflects the keen interest of the common people in the politics of the day, the points noted here would not have been taken lightly by the BJP and the other political parties, which are out to land a political punch where it hurts. The response of the Congress to the unfolding scenario, calling for a CBI probe to the drug related case was along expected line, the only exception being that it came a day late !
Wrong venue, this is the reason that was purportedly spelt out by some of the BJP MLAs for staying away from the meeting convened by the State BJP unit president at the official bungalow of the Chief Minister on July 14. That the ‘remaining’ part of the meeting was held the next day, that is on July 15 should underline the point here. The Congress is yet to take up the ‘stayed away’ from a meeting convened by the State unit president of the BJP on the ground that the venue was wrong, but there is no guarantee that this would not be politically exploited. This is what is expected from an Opposition political party, but how has the State BJP unit taken the new developments ? The charges levelled by the police officer is best left to the Court to decide, but already the ball has been set rolling and that it co-incided with many BJP MLAs staying away from a meeting convened by the president is what makes it all that more interestingly spicy ! The matter may be put to rest in the coming days, but this is bound to raise eye brows among the keen political observers of the State. Or as stated earlier, the staying away from the meeting part may not be much more than a case of much ado about nothing.