The global havoc wreaked by COVID-19 outbreak

Khelsoril Wanbe
The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has dealt a severe blow to the global socio-economic and political landscape and will have far-reaching repercussions and ramifications for quite a long time in the future. With almost twelve million cases and over five hundred and forty four thousand deaths, the pandemic has virtually brought the world to a grinding halt. The world economy has been so badly damaged that its full recovery is likely going to take so many years. Globally, hundreds of millions have lost jobs that will consequently affect the mental, physical, social and spiritual health of hundreds and thousands of millions all across the surface of the planet.
Another spectacular achievement of the pandemic has been that of severely straining the economic and political relationship between the two global superpowers — the US and China, who blame each other for the outbreak. The United States has  accused China of being responsible for the outbreak with its president Donald Trump even going to the extent of terming COVID-19 as China virus. The entire West has almost unanimously laid the blame for the outbreak on China. Many of the economic superpowers have hinted their inclination to economically boycott China. India too has begun taking adverse economic actions against China, especially in the wake of Chinese incursion into Balwan Valley in Ladakh, which has coincided the outbreak.
The pandemic looks poised to have a crippling economic impact on China, in particular, which has been rapidly rising as the second strongest economic and military superpower. The pandemic, of course, has not spared the rest of the world too.
 The long-lasting effects of the presently ongoing protracted national lockdowns all across the globe are yet to be fully felt or experienced in the coming so many days. We may briefly discuss the appropriateness of terming  COVID-19 as China Virus and holding China as solely responsible for the outbreak. There’s no denying the fact that the epicentre of the pandemic outbreak was Wuhan in China; so the pandemic, in fact, did originate from China. Secondly, the US strongly accuses China of having withheld or concealed the information about the outbreak for a sufficiently long time, during which the viral infection had already gone far beyond China and had spread all across Europe, America, and the world over and become a pandemic.
There are also so many questions, speculations and conspiracy theories about the possibility of the virus being a lab-creation, or in other words, bio-weapon developed by China. Viral videos have been there on the Facebook and internet in which powerful claims were made about the COVID-19 being bio-weapon developed in advanced research labs in Wuhan, China. A US senator Tom Cotton was the first to appear on Fox News and make the claim that the virus had originated from a lab in Wuhan. However, the conspiracy theories have not yet been adequately substantiated or corroborated and many scientists and experts are now of the view that the virus is not a lab product but evolved naturally. Yet, notwithstanding all that have so far been churned up, it will remain a controversial subject that will require more thorough investigations to find out the truth.  To be contd...