The global havoc wreaked by COVID-19 outbreak

Khelsoril Wanbe
Contd from prev issue
One serious accusation made against China by the US and its allies is that China intentionally delayed in providing proper information about the nature of the virus and the manner in which it spreads and that China covered up the whistleblowers of the viral outbreak. The US and its western allies appear to be mulling over imposing economic sanctions against China and make it pay compensations for the outbreak of the pandemic. In fact, Trump administration has already begun imposing economic sanctions against China, starting with its multinational technology company Huawei . The US and its allies seem to be contemplating imposition of even more stringent economic sanctions against China that will have crippling and lasting effect on the economy that has been touted to soon overtake that of the US and become number one in the world. The idea of making China pay compensation for the pandemic outbreak may never be materialised, but one thing is getting increasingly clear that serious damage has been done to the cooperative and cordial economic relationship that had earlier existed between China and nations of the world, including India.
The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way things operate in the so-called globalised world, where there had been free movements among the nations of the world for economic, education, tourism and other purposes. Now, we can only wonder when normal business travellings can resume. Can it happen in some months time provided the much sought after anti-vaccine is developed soon! Nevertheless, the fear of the possibility of another similar outbreak will linger for a long time to come especially because of how the present pandemic broke out suddenly and engulfed the whole world like wild fire within no time. The pandemic is like once-in-a-century event and so its fear effect is likely to remain for the remaining part of the century. At this point, we still cannot properly visualise how things will be transpiring.
What we, however, witness in the midst of the pandemic terror is the evolving  fierce power tussle between global power blocs that will almost tantamount to a 3rd World War magnitude, or at the best, 2nd Cold War.  The fire of competitive aspiration to take full control of global affairs seems to be soaring high. Besides this, fierce pursuit of personal political interests, or in other words, the attempt to take political mileage out of the crisis by concerned leaders also cannot be ruled out. Great political leaders of different countries are being affected by the pandemic in different ways; some are fighting for the survival of their leadership in the face of rising oppositions that are intensely attempting to topple them on the pretext of mishandling of the pandemic crisis. In this way, the pandemic is generating enormous amount of death, hate, conflicts, hardship, confusion etc and making the world a messy place to live.
No one really knows how much longer human beings will continue to live in fear and isolation. The virus has completely destroyed the spirit of sports, festivities, entertainment and other social interactions, which are inalienable features of human nature bereft of which human beings become badly affected mentally, physically, emotionally and even spiritually. We only survive with the hope that a remedy to the pandemic will soon be found in the form of vaccines or other curative drugs and medicines. The mean and tricky virus has left human beings stunned and benumbed, sometimes making them unable to react in normal human ways. How often we have seen corpses left unattended for hours and eventually disposed without proper final rites and rituals. We seem to be going through strange times, yet we try to pretend everything’s fine. We should not forget the fact that the virus even in the most medically advanced countries has slain hundreds of thousands.
The question of whether there is the slightest possibility of the virus to have been developed in a biological research lab keeps on lingering in the mind. If that happens to be the case and is found out, what will happen? Will there inevitably be 3rd world war? Who will be fighting against whom? We have been hearing allegations and accusations of the virus being a bio weapon created in a lab in Wuhan, which accidentally leaked out. We can only hope and pray that the virus is of natural origin and only a product of human gluttony and none else.
For the world to make further progress perhaps there have to be mutual forgiveness and cooperation and maximum restraint of human greed for excessive wealth and lust for power, especially in this terrible time of pandemic outbreak.